Friday, July 12, 2013

More Ancient Athens Ruins

The plan: Walk going to Syntagma Square slowly. Explore the Roman Agora area. Get profile-picture worthy shots. It is Day 2 of Ancient Athens. Time to utilize the € 12 combination ticket that we boughtin Acropolis. When planning your itinerary, check the opening and closing times of the sites in this link. Some sites are closed on Mondays/Tuesdays.

I ran out of goddess-like outfits that day. Laundry was scheduled that night. I had to wear a black dress during a scorching hot weather.

We started the day early. We were at the Temple of Olympian Zeus shortly after 9:00am. 
Tyring out yoga poses

Jumpshot. Yes, those are my cycling shorts. Huli! Wa-poise!

Standard shadow shot

We chanced upon these... guards/soldiers marching along a row of pretty blooming trees.
Roman giants in uniform
Some park between The Temple of Zeus and the Parliament Building

Greek Parliament Building. You can have a photo with the guard. But you cannot touch him. Hands-off! Bawal umakbay!


The changing of the guards occur at around 11:00 am. Loads of tourists come here to watch the guards. Just look at their uniform, in scorching weather.
Fly away pigeon, fly! Matatapakan ka jan!

There is a ROMAN agora in ATHENS. Got me confused with the Roman Forum in Rome.

Roman Forum. Photo taken during my EU 2011 trip.

In Athens, there is Roman Agora and an Ancient Agora. Ancient Agora covers more ground. Allot at least 2 hours to explore the complex. If you want to take more pics along the way and stay in the museum for a while, add another hour or two. Honestly, all the ancient ruins looked pretty much the same to me at that point, I didn’t bother taking a lot of pictures.

Don't be ashamed to use your umbrella.

Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. I encountered these Hum 2:  Art, Man, & Society – where I got a 1.25. Sadly, I can’t recall the work I’ve put through getting that 1.25. It all came back to me in Athens. The real things look so much more interesting that all those Hum II acetate slides.


Screenshot ng grade! Hahahaha!
We stopped by Agora Museum for bathroom and aircon break. Opportunistic!
Photo with some dog chillin in the museum.


 More walking going up to the Temple of Hephaestus.

 Behind the scenes: we were going around with our shopping loot from Syntagma Square. We had to but the bags down every time we pose for the camera. Tip: Don't shop a lot. 

Finally, we reached the Temple of Hephaestus.

To be honest, I wasn't awed upon reaching the place. I guess that is Acropolis' fault for being to grand.

Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t do Athens during my first Europe trip. Else, the ruins here in Athens would look very much like the ruins in Rome. They are different, with different stories. But both during the same trip can be too much for the eye. You may get fed up with all the ruins (the same way that you can gettempled-out in Siem Reap).

The same tips apply here: wear sunscreen, bring an umbrella, bring water. You'll be walking and may be stepping on some huge ruins. Wear good footwear. If you plan to wear a skirt, please wear some leggins or shorts. You don't want to flash everything to world in case you slip or fall.
We took a train back to our hostel because we were not in shape to walk all the way back to Acropolis.

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