Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hostel Review: Granada Backpackers

I’ve learned how to streamline my hostel selection process. As long as the hostel is safe and centrally located, I will consider it. Granada Backpackers was an easy choice because of the raves in Tripadvisor. 
Awesome place to hang-out

I stayed in a 6-bed female form for two nights - Cost per night is €20,99. Beds are cheap in the not-so-city areas of Spain. 

The apartment had a kitchen. This is actually awesome for a family.


When I saw that the lower bunk of the bunk bed in the inner room was unoccupied, I immediately dumped my things to mark my territory. However, I realized that it was quite stuffy in there. So don't think of doing some light laundry in the room and expect it to be dry the next day.

Wifi was wonky inside the inner room. The outer room had better signal.

Also, it was annoying that the water from the shower spilled over to the toilet area. Nothing to cry about, just annoying.


I opened the window a bit, but it allowed noise from the patio. The party dies down by midnight though so I could have a peaceful sleep with the window open.

They serve breakfast quite early and there's plenty - way better than the average hostel I would say. Good thing that this is early in case you want to explore Granada early in the day. However, I had breakfast a bit later in my second morning (9am-ish) and found that the brewed coffee is not continuously brewed. Also, the water heater for instant coffee and tea was not working. So I had to get my caffeine fix from somewhere else.

The staff was really awesome and patient with answering all of my questions. Overall, I had a pleasant short stay in Granada Backpackers!

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