Friday, July 19, 2013

The Rest of Barcelona: Park Güell, Barcelonate, La Rambla

We had another early start for our second and last day exploring Barcelona. We each got a metro day pass for €7.25. Better utilize the train, we have limited time and all the walking the previous day tired us out.

Gaudi must be the superstar artist back then. He has an abundant influence over Barcelona’s spots. Park Güell is another one of his creations.      

We took the metro and got off at Lesseps station. We just followed the street maps from there. The station is a far walk going to the park, and there’s an uphill portion.

The struggle: Uphill

It took us almost an hour from Primavera Hostel, including double checking the maps around and asking for directions. You’ll know it is Park Güell when you see the tourists.


The park has two zones: the free zone and the monumental zone. The free zone offered plenty of eyecandy art entertainment already.

I took the opportunity because the crowd dispersed

This is my shot with this lizard, a famous landmark. I wanted a better photo but there were people also itching to have their shot here so I had to do my hurried sun salute pose and be contented with that.
Lizard. (Or is it an iguana?)

So here are more of my photos in Park Güell. Magsawa kayo sa photos ko. Hahahaha! I can't write enough how wonderful blah blah it is because I am running out of creative phrases telling about my experience here. My main thoughts:

1. Barcelona is an awesome city
3. I am really happy I was able to travel and enjoy Barcelona.

Yun na yun!


It was less than two hours of roaming around in the park. If you love art, you’ll probably need a longer time to explore the place. 

My long-sleeved dress kept my arms protected from the sun but caused me to sweat. Nevermind, it works well in the photos. Heh.

Watch for the toilets.

It pays well to be early, the crowd at the entrance tripled when we went out.

For lunch, we chose to roam around and choose and restaurant in Barcelonta, located in another corner of the city. Didn’t have a lot of huice going at this point and we were too hungry to find joy and interest in the nooks of the side streets. One pitcher of Sangria please. Be extra nice to the waiters. You might just get a free treat. ;) *wink, hairflip*

Not a lot to do in that side of the town. The vibe was too familiar. We utilized our metro pass and decided to just explore La Rambla, slowly. 

And we chanced upon this market.

A good place to spend an afternoon. Look at stuff in shade.
Not appetizing at all

We were in search for Churos. Ended up in a random cafe at the end of La Rambla. Nabentahan kami ng kapwa Pinoy. We were able to walk by La Rambla without getting robbed - we got a lot of "watch-out-for-thieves" advice.

We had tired feet by then so we walked going back to our hostel for some afternoon nap. We covered a lot of ground in two days and as beautiful as the city is, there is stress involved. Lines, maps, heat and hunger.

After dinner, it was time to enjoy Barcelona at night.  


At night

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