Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Dance and a Palace: Flamenco and Alcazar

I had a blast with the sunset tour and the morning-lunch tour. I was willing to give my money and time for the Flamenco show. Initially, I did not want to watch one because I felt that it was too touristy. Something like the Aspara show in Cambodia – something nice to do do but you can skip it. I learned that most of the people in the tour were thinking of joining so we kinda felt that we already did two tours together, why not do another one?

Our tour guide gave the name and address of the bar. We showed up there are the required time and someone took us to the alleys of Seville to a small bar. The bar was pretty small and it kinda reeked of alcohol and smoke (well it was a bar, I reckon). There was a small stage and monobloc chairs was set-up for the audience. It took a long time before the performers arrived – we waited for an hour, I think.

The flamenco originated from the Andalucia region of Spain, specifically in Seville – as I learned from the morning-lunch tour. The gypsies settled in Seville and gathered by the fire, and boom…flamenco was born.

The show was long – I think it was more than 30 minutes to an hour – I didn’t notice as I immensely enjoyed it. IT WAS AWESOME.

There were only four performers – and each one rocked their role!


I only knew flamenco as a type of dance, something akin to ballroom dancing with a lot of taps into it. This flamenco performance was mind-blowing.
The full effect of that skirt....

The performers owned the stage. They OWNED IT. You can feel the raw energy emanating from the performers on stage. 

I managed to take some photos during the show.

This flamenco of Pancho tours costs just 15 euros – and sooooo worth it! I booked with my hostel (Hostel Tortamundos) If I recall correctly, a flamenco show in a theater setting will cost around 50 to 70 euros. But I think that this one is so much better than that. Do not underestimate the small and stuffy venue, the performers will astound you.

Around Alcazar

I was able to explore Alcaraz during the my last day in Seville. I was to ride a bus that night that will take me to Lisbon, Portugal. The lines for the ticket are long, it took me 30 minutes to get one ticket. The Alcazar ticket costs €8,75.

I bumped into someone that I met from the tours. Those tours are proving their worth. I had someone accompany me around Alcazar. And take my photos. =) Hehehe.

The Alcazar is one of the oldest Moorish castle in Spain.

The Admiral’s room. This is where Magellan planned his trip around the world.

The Alcazar is smaller than the Alhambra in Granada, but I found it its details more charming. It lacks something as beautiful as the Nasrid Palace, I suppose. I found the maps of old Spain particularly interesting. Reminds me of a Westeros map. Teehee.

The gardens of Alcazar are not as vast as Alhambra, but just as charming.

Pagbigyan nyo na, may photographer eh. =)

We found this Jewish star. Why is there a Jewish star in a Moorish palace? Having no tour guide or audio guide, we had no idea why.
See that Jewish star there?

Really pretty

Of course the temperature that day was still at around 40 degrees. 

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