Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Piece of Pinoy Pride In Sagrada Familia

After a whole dayof walking around picturesque Barcelona, we dragged our tired feet going to Sagrada Familia. We purchased a ticket earlier that day for a 5:00pm access. The tickets cost €14.80 online vs. €13.50 in the venue itself but that difference definitely made our lives easier. And the line was very long, and the weather was excruciatingly hot that day.

The entrance fee will ensure that this creation will be finished! The estimated target date is 2026, assuming everything goes according to plan. I hope I live that long and I hope I’ll see this complete by then.

You can only swipe in your ticket when it is your designated time. Use the machines. 


We were a bit early before our slot so we eavesdropped from the other tours.

You’ll get some crick in your neck and nape from the magnificence of Sagrada Familia. The structure from the outside is already magnificent.

Still lots of work to be done. But still amazing.

That is one awesome facade. Just look beyond the cranes, the kulambo-nets and the construction paraphernalia. Use your imagination. This is the work of a creative genius.

The passion facade. It tells the story of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. The mysteries of the rosary, in a church facade.

The central doors of the facade contains texts of the gospels of St. Mathhew and St. John.

The interiors are majestic.

Magnificent. Gothic. But this isn’t the church where you’d like your wedding.

Standard boots shot.

Stained glasses.

The rear facade reflects the Nativity.

I hope you have some sort of Christian education when you visit. The whole structure is like a symbol for all relevant stories in the New Testament.

I pose properly because....people.

The church is a gothic beauty. It is not a serene and pretty church. It is intriguing. It marries the bible and architecture in one structure. Gaudi is a genius! We spent more than one hour admiring the structure and wondering how did Gaudi think all about this. My Catholic education all came back to me.

As I dipped my fingers in the holy water holder, I noticed something. See that Filipino inscription?

Alay ng Sambayanang Pilipino

This is the highlight of our Sagrada Familia visit! I have no idea what is this “mother of pearl” doing in such a iconic structure. Is this part of Gaudi’s plan? Why did the Filipino people need to donate this and why was this accepted? If anyone has any piece of literature on this, please share.

Yes guys, it is special.

We were so happy with this discovery that we took a lot of photos. Other tourists thought it was special, without really knowing why,so they took photos. Hahahahaha!

I think Gaudi is such a genius, it is taking common folks forever to complete his idea.

The purple camera case made it to Sagrada Familia

There is no nice and clean shot of Sagrada Familia. There are always cranes. For now. Unless you refer to the small-scale model.  

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