Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Day In Toledo

Madrid is not a fascinating city, for me. Still, Spain's capital can serve as a good base to travel around. 

Toledo is approximately 70 kilometers the south of Madrid. This is similar to the distance between Quezon City to Angeles, Pampanga. Not that far. The helpful receptionist in U Hostel gave us directions how to get to Toledo via bus. The bus is the cheaper option.

Buses depart from Mendez Alvaro Station and arrive in Toledo’s bus station.
We found the bus company, Alsa, and bought out tickets. 

Ticket booth. And a couple almost kissing.

The bus ride lasted for around 1.5hours and cost € 9.80.  Buses run every 30 minutes. This is the advantage of taking the bus over the train. More flexible. Just be there whenever you can and the bus will leave. After two weeks of travelling, we were losing a bit of steam and we wanted to take it easy during the mornings. No rushing.

The bus. Comfy enough for 1.5 hours.

After exiting the bus station, we struggled a bit to find our way. I thought I’d get some local free maps when we land in Toledo, but it seemed that there are no “free” maps around. So I had to take a shot of various maps around, none of them were comprehensive enough to reflect all of Toledo. And we asked people along the way.
Map sighting. Take a photo.

If you travel to Toledo using the bus, you’ll have to climb some steep steps to get to the street. The walled town is around 25 minutes away on foot. Which took us longer because we took photos

 The town reminded me of San Gimignano. Lots of nooks and streets to get lost into. 

I think I was a bit apprehensive to get lost this time because 1) we had no guidemap and 2) I was with a travel buddy. The idea of getting lost in an unfamiliar place is exciting to me, but when you have someone with you, you’ll have to think about their welfare as well. 

Also, the town seemed deserted at time we were there. Was everyone already having lunch at 11am?

Up up up

Be warned, that Toledo is a hilly town. The paths go up up up then down.

Makes you hungry quickly. Marj did her assignment: finding a decent food place to eat. After turns and turns, I successfully navigated the way going to the place. And because we found it past the lunch hour, we easily got a table.

Sangria for lunch. No judgement please.

After drinking that pitcher of Sangria, I was a bit tipsy. This was midday. 

Santa Iglesia Catherdal. A huge cathedral. We struggled how to take a photo of the entire thing. We weren't successful. These are my best shots.

The city's specialty: Knives.

The wires reminded me a lot of Metro Manila.

Toledo was a good break away from the city-vibe of Madrid. However, I wouldn’t consider Toleda as a highlight or a must.

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