Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Flew To Athens. Got Bored.

Planning a Europe trip is overwhelming. One crucial tip I learned from my Europe 2011 trip: choose adjoining countries.

BUT, I still chose to Greece as my next country after Prague – Hehehehe. I thought I’d catch up on the other countries that I didn’t get to do during EU I. I booked a promo fare flight via Aegean Airlines from Prague to Athens. Got it for EUR 64, which includes one check-in luggage.  Bought the tickets in October 2012.

It was a three-hour flight going from Prague to Athens. We had to adjust time zones. Athens is ahead of Prague by an hour.

My luggage - with a bag tag matching the purple camera case.

We landed in Athens International Airport past 2:00pm. Ka-jet lag yung flight. :P

Got our luggage, then we followed the signs going to the train station. This was easy. We got the tickets going to the city – €14 for 2 pax. The travel to the city center took around 45 minutes, but it felt longer. I got tired from the plane ride.

Athens Backpackers was easy to find from the metro stop. Since the room was not ready, we dumped our stuff, and asked where we could have lunch and buy some survival supplies (water, snacks). It was entertaining to see the Greek characters in real stuff. I just see those things in fraternity names and math formulas.

Greek alphabet in the grocery. In real action.

Greek alphabet, in Math action

Hmmmm.... What else? Ano pa nga ba nangyari?

Nothing interesting.
I can’t recall much and my picture album has nothing to tell.
Where are the gods and goddesses? *Flashback of all those Greek gods and the family tree I had to memorize in high school*

I guess we just endured the wonky aircon of our dorm room until dinner. 

We went up the roof for the view. The view was... a bit disappointing.

Well, there's the Acropolis amidst all those antennas.

I wasted 5 euros on a drink. 

Athens didn't look too interesting at that time.
Acropolis, I will see you tomorrow. 

It looked a lot better at night. Still with all the antennas.

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