Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Food in Seville

Food in not-so-major cities are way better. 

A set lunch in a restaurant in one of the side streets cost me €8,95. Relatively inexpensive, I would say. And very tasty too. This is their version of Adobo. I don’t know if this is authentic enough or what. It tastes like paella and lacks the soy sauce flavor. Then again, soy sauce is an Asian thing.

The desert is some sort of sweet sticky white rice. Like kakanin-ish. I didn't like it.

I didn’t have the energy to go out for dinner during my first night in Seville. The travel stress and homesickness caught up with me. I shopped for some supplies for both snacks and dinner (the loot cost €7,25) and ordered chicken wings at Mc Donald’s €1,90. I assembled my meal at the hostel. Sometimes, you just gotta let the tiredness win over finding the perfect food.

simple "home-made" dinner

Lunch with the group costs €8,50. I was able to order three dishes with this already – ala carte. Good tasting food, I would say. I kinda redeemed myself compared to my food adventure in Granada. 

The heat made me succumb to the lemonade slushie – €1,00. No photo. I drank it up before I could whip out my camera.

A Starbucks beverage and pastry for €8,50 and some potatoes (did I mention that I love fries?) and three cheese for 2,60.

Seville Starbucks mug collection.

I was tired, burned and very hungry when I had lunch after visiting the Alcazar during my last day. I chose a restaurant in front of the train tracks with a menu translated in five or so languages. I knew that was a red flag but I was hungry and I needed some airconditioning. Total bill is €15,25 for a drink and this set meal. The set meal had really little serving. The salad was tasty, but the enjoyment is limited to a few bites.

I had something familiar again (aside from the Starbucks drink), some chicken and salad. Fiber please. I want to somehow “cleanse” my body from all the meat that I ate during I was in Spain.

Well, that's about it for Seville's cuisine. I'm not adventurous when it comes to food. =/

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