Thursday, July 25, 2013

Madrid Takeaway Thoughts and Tips

Shopping in Madrid.

I bought a lovely pair of brown boots from one of the shops around Palacio Royal. The pair costs €90. The purchase qualifies for a VAT refund so I requested for a form. The lady spoke limited English, she really struggled with explaining me how to claim the VAT refund at the airport.

I tried shopping in Mango and Zara, the ever-so-popular clothing lines. I found their stuff still expensive. Sure, it is a tad cheaper if you buy in Europe vs. buying in the Philippines, but still expensive. I scored a faux leather jacket in Lefties for 20 euros.  

This is the reason I have the shopping bag in my photo with Palacio Royal de Madrid.

Madrid has a urbane underground metro system. I think it goes as deep as 10 floors underground.

Take advantage of the free museum hour. Museo del Prado and Reina Sofia have free viewing hours. Two hours will suffice to see everything worth noting, unless you are an art aficionado at heart.

This photo reminds me of the Volcanoes' photos up in Guadalupe.

Photo courtesy of When In Manila

Take photos of the exit map. Most exit maps mark the tourist places around the area.

Lots of street artists. Be alert at all times.

Spongebob and Winnie the Pooh

Train going to Granada. I purchased my ticket around three months before the trip. Got the seat for EUR 20.50 via the Renfe website

Picturesque view for three plus hours.

View going to Granada

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