Sunday, July 28, 2013

Granada Takeaway Thoughts and Tips

The train from Madrid to Granada costs €20,50 and takes 4.5 hours. The ride had picturesque views, so don’t sleep all the way. I booked via the Renfe website after I got my Schengen Visa from Spain. 


The Mirador de San Nicolas is the best viewpoint intown. Since it is a viewpoint, it is located somewhere above ground level, which means you have to walk uphill all the way there. Be prepared walking under the sun, bring water and sunglasses, and don’t expect to find a lot of toilets along the way. Expect to somehow get lost on your way up there.

I strolled around the streets of Albayzin after my late lunch when I arrived. 

The Alhambra is a huge complex composed of gardens and buildings. The complex is split into sections, and you may need to present your ticket from time to time. 

Book your Alhambra tickets early. Choose your timeslot for Nasrid Palaces. Now there are a lot of suggested itineraries how to explore Alhambra. Most advice would say to start at Generalife first then go inside Nasrid Palaces after lunch. Some suggest to go to Nasrid early because the views are better during the morning and the Nasrid Palace is closer to the Alhambra complex entrance. Whichever way you choose, take your time strolling around. There is no “best way” to explore any place. It will still be up to you how to enjoy it.

Wear sensible shoes. If you are visiting during the summer (or almost summer), wear comfortable clothes and sunscreen. Sunglasses, water, some light snacks should be your bag staples. Now for Asians, you already know to bring your umbrella. :)


Since the entire complex can be explored in 4 or so hours, you don’t have to eat lunch inside. I think there was a restaurant or two in the complex but I didn’t really pay attention. You can walk to Albayzin and find another restaurant there. If you plan to explore the whole place very slowly and you are on a budget, pack a sandwich.

Don’t touch the “symbols”.

If you are travelling alone, you have to get creative where you will place your tripod.

Perhaps place your tripod in the bushes =)

Bring a guide book or download an app and use it to tell you the story about Alhambra. The place is more than just a pretty Moorish palace. I don’t recommend the audio guides for rent (costs €6,50) because their batteries die fast – I had to change mine three times. Audioguides are also an eyesore in photos.

If you have more time, book the Alhambra day andAlhambra night ticket in different days. I did both in on day and I “got tired” exploring the same place. But I didn’t have any time.

Alhambra is a place where you can order a drink and tapas come with the drink. Too bad I didn’t have  a foodie with me to guide me through it.

Going to Seville
The train going to Seville takes 3 hours and costs €29,00. I think there is a bus option too, probably cheaper too.

PIcturesque views as well

I landed in Seville, my last city of my Spain trip.

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