Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Prague Takeaway Thoughts and Tips

Getting Czech Koruna
  • For BPI ATM cardholders, call 89-100 to activate your international withdrawal. (If you’ve previously done this, no need to do this again).    
  • Remember to inform your bank if you will be using your card overseas.
  • No free flushes. You don’t enter an establishment and use the toilet for free. Toilets have this doorknobs with buttons. The pin code can be found in the receipt of your purchase – you have to purchase something. A sneaky and frown-able method to go around this is to inconspicuously wait for someone to walk out of the restroom and then nonchalantly enter (Pinoy-style).
The toilet code is 5525
  • Some public toilets require you to put a CZK 5-10 coin in the doorknob.

  • Not a foodie here. I don’t spend loads of time reading food reviews. I rely on the Tripadvisor sticker in the restaurants to decide if I want to eat there.
  • Cheaper food choices are found outside the city center. We all know that, just have to say it again. Of course, if you are already  hungry, you’ll buy whatever you see on sight.
  • How to gauge if the food is cheap: check the beverage prices. Most restaurants have menus shown in front. If the price is less than those in the city center, so is the food.
  • Beer beer beer! Prague beer is the best I’ve tasted. Sorry German beer.
Haggard from a long flight pero beer agad
  • Bottled water is cheap. Just make sure that you buy the non-sparkling type. I cannot read Czech so I mistakenly bought the sparkling type. There goes my CZK 10.

Getting around and transportation
  • The 72-hour Prague transportation pass costs CZK 310. Please validate the pass on the right side. Your ticket should have a printed date at the back after validation.
  • You don’t have to follow the exact path going from point A to point B on the map. Prague is a town that you’ll love getting lost. There are interesting angles all over the Old Town.
Map of Prague

Some other stuff
  • Have a “come to the Philippines speech”. Entice your roommates to come in our country! Marj perfected hers during the course of the whole trip.
  • Learn a couple of Czech phrases. Like "Thank You".
  • Having coins will be useful when you need to use toilets.
  • Not a lot of souvenir options here. The usual touristy goods are sold all over: keychains, shirts and the like.
  • Spend a day without anything planned. Just go back to the places you like. You can rest on taking photos, and just enjoy the place.

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