Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hostel Review: Primavera Hostel

Most hostels in Barcelona are located around the busy and touristy La Rambla. I chose a hostel located a couple of blocks away from Sagrada Familia. I found Primavera Hostel from and it offered a sweet deal for € 22 euros a night (plus € 0.72 city tax per person per night).  We got our luggage from our late flight in Barcelona and grabbed a taxi, since that was the only option that we had at midnight.

I showed the taxi driver the address of the hostel. The taxi had this device and he just placed the coordinates of the hostel, and after a short ride, we arrived at Primavera Hostel.
Cab with a GPS-enabled gadget

Total taxi bill was €31.10 for both of us. No additional luggage fee.

Midnight, not a sound from the pavement

I looked at the map. We were in the right building. BUT, BUT, we cannot find the sign "Primavera Hostel" from the doorbells. I started to doubt the existence of the hostel - uh oh. But I was too tired to panic. I crossed the street, checked the building on the left side. No Primavera Hostel signs.

THEN I looked at the left side of the door. It had another set of doorbells. THERE IT WAS.
Please look at the left side of this door

The elevator ride up

Paid a deposit of €10 in case we lose the key or we break something. 

We were assigned in a 6-bedroom with a view of the street during the first night. We had no roommates!

All by ourselves

With a window with the street view.

BUT BUT BUT... We had to transfer to another room for the next two nights. We were placed temporarily in that room because we came in at midnight, so that won't be disturbing our future roommates.

This is our real dorm. Relatively small, but manageable.

This room is inside another room. You'll be passing by another dorm (mixed) when you go out. If the room gets a bit stuffy, open the window. 

The dressing table with the my travel toiletries. I try to be a minimalist when traveling. 

The hostel doesn't offer breakfast, but they have a full-functioning kitchen. Stock up on cereals, milk and bread. Do check the free-for-all leftover food before heading to the grocery. You might score free bread. They have coffee and basic spices.

I also got their laundry service. it was €6.00 for wash and dry for a full load. 

The dorms had shared bathrooms but that was fine. The bathrooms were huge and clean all the time. We were lucky that one was always free when we needed to use it. Then again, Filipinos shower everyday - I shower twice a day. Are there other nationalities who shower everyday?

Bathroom is huge and clean
Toilet paper is always restocked
The hostel is located in this pretty neighborhood near A.V. Diagonal. 

A pretty good find in a pretty neighborhood

You  can spend your time walking around the huge blocks in the neighborhood. Too bad that the dorm toilet isn't en suite, but all works well with Primavera Hostel. 

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