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Picturesque Prague: Food

Sampling the local cuisine is part of having an authentic experience. But I am not a foodie. I came to this realization when I started travelling alone. I would not walk to a recommended restaurant when I think that it is too far, or impractical to go there, and I already have a rumbling stomach. I like eating, but I don’t really like choosing food. I get overwhelmed with too many choices.

Di ba kaya ka nga nag-aral, para magkaroon ng magandang kinabusan, para makakuha ng magandang trabaho at para hindi magutom? So bakit ako magpapagutom? Bakeeeeet? – my usual thought when I am really hungry.

My travel buddy for this trip is a foodie. My job is to research about the place, find the place on the map, and just plan the day. Marj’s role is to decide where we will eat. That’s why I gained weight during this trip, despite all the walking. I lost some inches during my Europe 2011 trip.

After finding our hostel, we asked where we could eat good affordable local food. The receptionist recommended a place nearby. After a couple of wrong turns, a couple of pictures, and finding the right way, we eventually found the place: Pivovarsky Dum. They make their own beer.

At 2:00pm, the place was a bit deserted. The table next to us had some guys drinking beer. AT 2:00 IN THE AFTERNOON. That’s the way it is here.
Rein in your appetite. Take a photo first.

Total lunch was CZK 532. Huge servings for the two of us. We liked this restaurant so much that we went back here during our last day in Prague. For more beer.

Look at that beer
They have an English menu.
One advantage of staying away from the Old Town: we have an ample choice for restaurants at cheaper prices. The Tripadvisor sticker posted outside the restos served as our guide. Yummy salad and so-so risotto at an Italian Place. CZK 580 for both of us. With wine.

We had breakfast at Paul’s. Remember to keep the receipt, the code for the toilet is there. Hihihihihi. 
Hot Choco, Ciscotti and Croissant for CZK 99

Their macaroons are superb! The girl learned that we were from Philippines. She shared that she was going to the Philippines that summer to do some Red Cross volunteering. Cool!

Hot choco (again) and macarons for CZK 146.

 We were lucky that there was a Food Festival in the Prague Castle. We bought tickets at the entrance for CZK 450, and we got 10 coupons. You pay the for the food using these coupons. I think we were the only foreigners in there.  

Meat and potatoes. That is a delicious parfait-ish dessert too.

Some fish and some orange sauce.

Wine table.

The tourist shot with the wine glass.

We chanced upon a sunny lunch in the old town center. There were booths selling local food. 

We got some sausage, potatoes and cabbage. The potatoes are a lot, they are sold per weight. The price posted is the price per pound, not the price of the food itself, be careful with understanding that. CZK 334 for two.

The servings are quite generous. Or maybe that’s because we are Asians and we are used to eating smaller portions. 

When you are tired of the meat, potatoes and beer, don’t be ashamed of trying something familiar. It can be comforting. KFC. The chicken tastes the same. Just much more expensive in this town. The staff had passable English. Good old Coke, or Pepsi, tasted really good after lots of meals with beer and wine.

KFC meal. CZK 158. Pricey.

Prague’s beer is a definite winner. I highly recommend trying out the local beer. You can drink at any time of the day and no one will judge you.

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