Sunday, July 21, 2013

Barcelona Takeaway Thoughts and Tips

Barcelona is a very picturesque city. Be ready with your camera at all times.

People are well-dressed in this city. Make an effort not to look to trash-y.
Check out those boots up for a motorcycle ride.

There's the popular Barcelona Hop-on-Hop Off bus. This is actually an efficient option if you have a day or two to explore the city. But because we like managing our own time, we opted to get around by...WALKING.However, tourist spots around the city are so spread out, it took up a lot of time and energy to go around. Still, I'd rather walk than take the bus.

Tapas are gooooooood. 

And not that expensive too!

Touristssssss Everywhere
There will be lines. 

The lines outside Picasso Museum

Sagrada Familia is awesome. Deal with the cranes.


Watch out for thieves.

We were withdrawing cash from an ATM in a subway station.
"He is thiefing you!", a local called out to us, while a good-looking Spaniard fled the scene.

No valuables were taken. 

Train going to Madrid

We had a morning train going to Madrid. Took the metro going to "BARN.SANTS" station. Train was scheduled to depart at 9:00am, and arrived at Madrid "PTA.ATOCHA" station 11:45AM.
Lack of sleep and hunger in Barcelona Sants station

The nice thing about train travel is that you don't have to check in your baggages. There's no weight limit. You don't have to segregate your liquids and gels in a separate bag.

We booked the ticket six weeks before our departure. Cost: EUR 49,10. Booked using the Renfe website.

Renfe trains

It wasn't a long ride. But I was feeling tired from waking up early. And the travel fatigue was kicking in. After all, Spain is the third country of my EU II adventure.

Artisan potato chips. Artisan talaga no.

Hello Madrid!

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