Tuesday, July 16, 2013

More Feta In Santorini

The Feta Feast continues in Santorini.

After some rest in Caveland, we inquired for a good Greek restaurant. We were directed to Savvas. Savvas is a very very good restaurant in the Karkerados area. It is family-run. The mom cooks everything, and the dad just watches the mom and one of the kids help her. He stopped watching TV as soon as we ordered the lamb steak. He turned on the grill, flexed his muscles, and cooked the one of the best lamb steaks ever! Quality food for a good price.
They really mean FETA CHEESE. Check out that block in the salad.
We liked the food, the place and the price, sooo much that we ate there again. Their fries and spaghetti are both good. Everything is really good. 
Another hearty lunch for 21 euros, shared by 2.
Found a restaurant with a Tripvisor sticker in Firostefani. Famished from our long hikefrom Oia, we decided we could spend a bit here. And get some wine. The entire meal costs € 42.50 for some strawberry salad, seafood paella and two glasses of wine. Pricey. Seafood is pricey here. Wine is not.


The owner-waitress took pity in our tale when we told her we call all the way from Oia. Got free dessert.

Dinner in Stani’s Tavern. Ate something light before we went clubbing - or whatever is the cool term for that. Santi’s is located at the second or third floor of a building. During the day, you’ll see their sign up there. The motherly waitress suggested a bottle of wine. She said: “If you don’t like it, I’ll drink it!”

Explore the supermarket. A  couple of interesting drinks in the supermarket: Ovomaltine, Mars drink and Milky Way. Go get in your bloodstream.

   Ruffles and Lays. Lay’s with some greek characters.

Eggplant? Nope, AUBERGINE. Check out those chilli peppers.

Brunch in Camille Stefani. Where the waiter addresses us “Beautiful Ladies”. Feel na feel namin. Harharhar.
Brunch for 26.50 euros for everything

Snacks at Perissa € 9.00

Marj taking a pic of her meal too.

There are lots of other restaurants in Karterados area. We chose another Savvas-like place for dinner. We were studying the menu and the waitress suggested we get lamb. But we had lamb already. “That’s okay, go pick another one!”. Hindi hard-sell. Ayaw mo? Edi pumili ka ng iba.
Went for Strawberry Yogurt Shake while Marj still had wine
Stuffed peppers with rice and potatoes
We got free melons here. Free nanaman!

Liked Santi's so much that we had brunch there again. Some risotto and lasagna (greek food can be tiring too) and wine for € 20.50.
Final lunch at Savvas for € 20.00

The dish with sour cream is something like: Favas rolls. Favas is a bean cultivated in the island.

Some tips:

  • Check the menu prices. There's cover charge in almost all patience. 
  • Choose a restaurant with toilet, for your convenience.
  • Be nice and charming! You may get free dessert! 
  • Practice patience. Most of the neighb orhood restaurants are family-dun so don't expect that food will be served immediately. They get served one at a time. 
  • I will repeat this again: Food in Fira is more expensive.  
  • Tap water is not potable. You can get water in Caveland for € 1.00.A nearby supermarket sells a bottle for €0.50.

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