Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Seville Takeaway Thoughts & Tips


Do not underestimate the heat. Even if I hail from the sunny tropical country of the Philippines, I’ve only experience up to 38 degrees C. Seville’s hottest was at 42. It was just four degrees higher but felt like so much more. On a good note, the heat is just that – heat. In the Philippines, the heat comes with humidity.

No shade to hide

I got tanned in Seville.  
I had an umbrella with me but I just couldn’t take the heat anymore. I caved in and bought a folding souvernir umbrella which costs €9,50.

There's the umbrella. Had to get it out of the way for this photo.

Taaaaaaaan! Red-orange it is!

Food is a lot cheaper compared to Madrid and Barcelona.

A centrally located hostel can serve as a refuge for travelers during the hottest hours of the day. When I decided to take a break from roaming around, I went back to the hostel and found that all of my roommates are there – seeking relief from the heat. Ah, aircon, the greatest invention ever.

The supermarket in an excellent venue that can provide you an insight what goodies locals use.

Chicharon! This one got me homesick

Fruits to wash off all that meat.

Canned paella? I guess this is the counterpart of instant noodles.

 More canned stuff

More meat. Don't eat too much.

Bus going to Lisbon

I bought my bus ticket from Seville to Lisbon via the Alsa's website. The bus ticket from Seville going to Lisbon costs € 40. This is a night bus. I bought the ticket before I flew to Europe.  

I took the tram going to the bus station. I was able to walk all the way to the bus station the previous day. But I had my luggage with me this time, so I rode the tram. Tram ticket €1,40.

There was an ongoing procession of something in the evening on the date of my departure. I waited for 30 minutes in the first station. I noticed that the passengers started walking as soon as they read something flashing in the announcement screen. My Spanish wasn’t that good, I wasn’t able to understand anything. I just followed the people and walked to the next station.

I was one hour ahead of the bus departure. I purchased and printed my ticket from ALSA bus’ website. Wear your jacket and have some clothing as sort of a blanket. The aircon was blasting all the way.

Seville's bus station. Waiting for my bus that will take me to Lisbon, Portugal

And that was Spain! On to my final country in this Europe trip!

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