Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Madrid Food Adventure: More Tapas, More Sangria

I don’t know if I can keep up writing about the allthe tapas that I encountered in Spain. But I’ll try. Experienced some really good food, I gotta share these.

A combo of paella and wine costs €5. The paella was tasty, but I’ve tasted tastier paellas in the Philippines.

This chorizo is not worth the €6.82 I spent. Too hard. Not sure if they allow you to taste first before buying. But do try, or you may end up regretting your purchase.

Don’t convert the prices into PHP.

Mercato di San Miguel has an amazing selection of tapas. You can spend an entire day inside this market and just commit gluttony the entire day. You won’t run out of choices.

Plancha. Looks scary to me

We went all out in Toledo after enduring the pathsof the hilly town. We had Sangria, jamon, croquettes and mushrooms. Total bill for both of us was €49.50. Quite pricey. But sangria has been the norm since we landed in Spain.

Halfway done with the sangria

We tried another paella place in I-cannot-recall-the-name-of-the-district-suggested-by-the-hostel. 

The servings were huge. This is just a solo serving. Good enough, but not extraordinary. Actually, they could improve the plating. All those sea creatures look scary. Like, “don’t eat us”. 

Of course the meal is not complete without a pitcher of Sangria.

We also ordered veggies to keep the very carbo-loaded meal at bay. We were served with this sad plate of greens. 

Sometimes, you just need something familiar. Like the fries of McDonalds. Even though this costs €2.90.

Or perhaps an entire McDonald's meal. Something familiar for your tastebuds.


Or some dose of Starbucks. A week of tapas after a week of feta can be tough on the palate. I felt quite bloated because of all the meat. So here's a Starbucks meal, a sugar-loaded frappe and some salad. €8.20.

This tapas bar was suggested by our hostel: Orio. We ate here twice. Total bill for two: 24.50.They have a really good selection too!

Dinner at San Anton Market. €6.50          

When I travel alone, this is my choice of food. Grabbed this is a food court. I suck in choosing delectable food. I still enjoy what I order.

I found this neat Churros place. THE. CHURROS.

Amazing churros for 3.80. This is CHURROS.

There were these food stalls around Palacio Royale that were selling these bread. They look hard and unappetizing to me. 

One week of Spanish food.

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