Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Athen Again: Athens Museum.

According to our guide from the Athens City Tour, there are three museums that we have to visit in our lifetime. 1) The Smithsonian in Washington DC, 2) The British Museum in London and 3) The Acropolis Museum in Athens. These museums are the most important. He’s the archaeologist.

We had an extra full day in Athens because our flight got moved to a later time. We gained one day in Athens and lost a day allotted for Barcelona. Boooo. I had to book another night in the AthensBackpackers. Ugh.

We checked-out and left our luggage the proceeded to brave the sun of Athens. The Acropolis Museum  was just walking distance from the Acropolis.

Luggage area of Athens Backpackers

The museum had a modern structure. For me, it was quite an eyesore amidst all the ruin surrounding the Acropolis. The museum was built above some ruins. Or... the ruins were put underneath. You can view some from the glass floor.

There are ruins beneath that glass

The museum gave us a dose of history after three days of chill-laxing in Santorini.

Lots of kids doing their field trip here

The museum houses sculptures, mostly sculptures. I cannot fully appreciate all the details and effort done to each sculpture, but I was very interested in the captions of each piece. 

Photos are not allowed. ;)

A corner of the 2nd (or was it 3rd?) floor has a library where you can find the books. And chairs.

Apparently, this modern design is a product of a contest

There’s a short film about the construction of the Museum. There are also chairs here.

Some interestingly nerdy tidbits too.

We were done after two hours or so. We still had the entire afternoon to kill. Spent the hot afternoon around the streets of Syntagma Square looking at various shops (taking advantage of the aircon). We also bought some souvenirs to bring home. I loaded on the €1.00 olive bar soaps. Pretty good choice for a souvenir.

Calming sign

Then another long ride going to Athens airport.

Some Sbarro dinner before boarding the plane. Pricey airport food for €9.60. But I was craving for pizza and potatoes so I let them rob me.

I got this one-way ticket from Athens to Barcelona for €95.99. Not that cheap, but my choices were limited. And I take accountability for choosing a non-adjacent country for this EU II trip.

We arrived in Barcelona airport at midnight. No more public transportation, so taxi it is. Taxi going to Primavera Hostel costs €31.22. We had no choice.

Salida is the Exit word

Barcelona. Here we are.

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