Saturday, September 15, 2012

Around the Angkor WOW - Part 2

Another sunblock-filled day in Siem Reap. Time to utilize our three day pass in the Angkor Wat Complex.

So here's our camwhoring adventure continued.

There are some really steep steps.

Although it was "off-season" when we were there, the tourists are still everywhere! If you want a super solo shot, you have to patiently wait for everyone to go away.

This is my favorite temple: Pre Rup. Pity that I don't have a good clear shot of its glory.

Some people discourage spending two days in the Angkor Wat Complex. They'd say you might get "temple burn-out" because the temples kinda look the same after some time. But these temples are just rockin' so I'm glad we spent time and moolah to visit these. The other pretty temple is around 40 minutes away from all the other temples. The ride was windy. Khemra was quiet during the ride. I appreciate that he knows when to share stuff and when to leave us alone in silence to just absorb the place.

Batay Srei is the temple for a queen. I guess that's why it is pinkish-peach-brick in color?

Tweetums pose time!


Aiming to do another Wushu pose here but the dress limits me

On our way back to Angkor Wat, we stopped by these vendors selling some sugar cane candies. No purchase required, but I bought some. Okay, naawa kasi ako. But I haggled to have 4 sticks instead of the usual 3 sticks for $1. Each stick has 10 pieces of sugar cane candy. Not bad. The candies tasted pretty good. They didn't make it to Manila. :P

During the previous day, we asked Khemra if we could eat in the carideria-style restos inside the complex. We had fun in our food adventure in Pnonm Phen so we figured we should try eating ina  no-English resto in SR.  Unfortunately, he said those were quite far from our itinerary so we ate in another resto instead.


More temples. Hmmm... I can't write a lot about these moments because we were more focused in listening to the stories and taking pictures. I can blabber about some tidbits that I recall here but it probably affect you the way it will when you are actually IN those temples.

It pays if you have an eye for some other angles of the temples instead of the standard point-shoot-pose.

The standard shadow picture

I don't remember all those stories and those details but I will remember how these ruins made me feel.... lucky, I suppose? Ha, I can't explain. I won't bother trying, words will just diminish what I really mean.

Yes teh, payong.

Faint effect lang naman. Para maiba ang pose.

The happeh family! Sarah, Me, Khemra and Ny

Trying out some glam shots while waiting for the sunset
But unfortunately, these dark clouds came and stopped our sunset.

We had no sunrise nor sunset during our trip in the Angkor Wat Complex. Still, it was loads of fun!


  1. can we take one day only for angkor wat tour?

  2. Hi Shella. Yes, you can take a one-day tour of Angkor Wat if you are pressed for time. However, you will not be able to go to the further temples.


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