Monday, July 15, 2013

Scenes In Satorini

The plan was to go back to Oia and take it slow. But, the lazy vibe of Caveland induced us to go around Fira, then go to a beach. We had a nice uphill leisurely walk (you’ll get used to this) and reached Fira in 25 minutes. I was expecting a crowd, but the streets were pretty empty for some reason. I could get some decent pics.

Some shopping in Santorini

Did some mild shopping of shirts and some jewelry accessories. Not the lavish type of jewelry, just some unique knick knacks. I know my Quiapo and Divisoria accessories and these were different. I bought some sets for my friends but I ended up using all of them. Harharhar.

I dreamt of aprofile shot with Santorini in the background. I’ll have the happy shot, the drama shot, the sun salute shot and the wind-blowing-in-my-hair-and-I-want-to-look-like-a-goddess-shot.

That didn't work out. It was too windy for a decent profile pic. In front of me is a crowd waiting for their own turn in this spot.

Bad hair. Bad pose. Great view.

We had matching dresses!
No people in the streets. They were lined up for this small space with a picturesque view.
View of the caldera

We tried this angle the next day and the wind did not cooperate.

Trying this out with a different outfit

There are toilets located just before you enter the town of Fira. Once in town, find the WC signs.

Always find the WC

Trying out the beach
We chose Perissa. Veronica of Caveland has been to Boracay. She said that Perissa is nice, but it is not Boracay. We gave it a chance. The bus fare costs €2.20 from Fira. The ride took 40 minutes.

The water felt like melted ice. Seriously, who swims in this temperature?

Black sand
It was a long and winding bus ride, so we found a spot and did the touristy thing of ordering something and lounging at the beach. The rest of the menu was quite expensive so we decided to have dinner somewhere in Kartekados instead, somewhere near our homebase.

Order something then take a photo. Then leave.

Contrary to some people think, Santorini is not a beach destination. I still believe that Philippines has some of the awesome beaches in the world.

Sun salute. Better make the most out of it.

Catholic Church
Sunday morning started with a breakfast toast on the go. Marj is a devout Catholic and she wanted to go to mass every Sunday, even during our trip. It took us 45 minutes of walking to find the Catholic Church in Fira. Note: there are lots of churches in the island but there is only one Catholic Church. The rest are Orthodox churches.

The mass was in Greek. Like in Prague, we got by taking context clues from the ceremony. After the mass, a lady announced that the presiding priest was very happy to have some young people in the audience. She called up three teenage-looking backpackers in front. The priest smiled and clapped at them. That priest would be so happy if he comes in the Philippines. 

Back in Oia
After the mass and lunch, we rode a bus to Oia (€1.60).

Find the path to this marvelous view. Three blue domes. We were tipped by another traveller who came from this view.

Some parts of Oia are privately owned. You'll find a couple of "Private Property" marks when you explore this spot. Shhhhhh.

Private property. People live here.
With a  yellow orthodox church
White city

 The hunt for the blue door begins. I wanted something like Mamma Mia.

We found one. This is my version.

Still my current profile picture.

I tried clubbing in Santorini
Clubbing is not my type of thing. We made tentative plans to try some clubbing spots in Fira. After all, I haven’t tried clubbing when I backpack because I had no one to look after me in case I get too drunk. I fought the urge to stay in for the night. I had fun! We were the shortest and tamest in the crowd. My limited dance moves somehow held up for the night.

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