Saturday, July 27, 2013

Food in Granada: I Tried To Find Tapas and Failed

Two weeks in Spain is bound to take a toll on your digestive tract. The meat made me bloated. Ugh.

Since I was doing Granada alone, I had no food adviser with me and I had to scout around and order stuff for myself. Granada is one town where you order your drink, and the tapas come along with the drink, for free! I did my homework. The hostel did not suggest any specific place to try.

Now, the thing to note is that some placed are closed during daytime (and their daytime is until 7PM during the summer). I tried to find a #1 restaurant in Tripadvisor fully determined to try our their cuisine but I found their place closed at 7PM, they open for dinner at 9PM. Being a slave to my appetite, I settled for a Burger King instead. Hindi ko na kaya maghintay ng two hours. Hindi ako nagtatrabaho para magutom no.

Dinner at Burger King € 3,95. I enjoyed eating all those greens. After more than a week of sampling meat, my intestines can use something healthy. 

I ordered the happy meal for kids. Don't judge me. I had it my way!
 Those are apple bits.

Dessert at Haagen Daz € 4,90. The Haage Daz ice cream parlor already closed in the Philippines. And yes, my dessert is more expensive than my meal.

Lunch at a resto upon arrival €16,70. Nothing worth remembering. The photo did not evoke any memories.

Meh-level risotto

The coke and fries made it expensive. 

Kelangan talaga may fries eh.

One successful food adventure is fining El Piano, a vegetarian restaurant in the other end of Albaycin. It was quite a walk to get there, but I found the place. I had super late lunch after my visit at the Alhambra. I got everything for €10,00. There was one staff handling the process from ordering to serving, and she held up the place pretty well. Even though it was way past lunch time, there were customers ordering food for take-out.

Apple pie

During my last night in Alhambra, I went out to dinner with some of my roommates. One of them wanted to try out this restaurant in the other side of town. She set her google maps in action and we started walking. I tried to keep a tab in my maps. Nakakahiya naman, ang old-school ko tapos sya Google Maps sa Iphone. The restaurant was not in the place that Google Maps said. I whipped out my map and tried to locate the address. Ha! We found the restaurant. Unfortunately, it was closed.

And because we were all hungry, we settled for this mediocre place. The food was disgustingly bland. Tasteless. That’s a waste €8,00 (my share). Bad food.

The redeeming factor here is the Alhambra beer. Pretty good! Prague beer is still better though.

I failed in my tapas conquest.

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