Friday, September 14, 2012

Twisting Around Siem Reap

Time to head to the main destination in Cambodia : The Angkor Wat in the province of Siem Reap.

We rode Sokha Komar Tep Bus going it Siem Reap. It was heavily peddled in Fancyguesthouse. The Mekong Express costs $13 going to SR while this Sokha Komar Tep Bus just costs $8. That $5 costs a quite fancy dinner already. So we got the cheaper deal. Dun sa mura syempre.

Bus with BFF Sarah, the serial photobummer in the whole trip

The bus provided bottled water, and there was also a bathroom on board. We stopped once during the 6-hour trip for lunch. We weren’t particularly keen on eating yet so we survived with Oreos and their grass jelly drink. It was freakin hot during the bus ride, the aircon was working, but it wasn’t enough to combat the heat. Siem Reap is welcoming us.

Yeo's grass jelly drink during the stopover: $0.60

We arrived Siem Reap at 3pm. Our tuktuk driver, Ny, had been patiently waiting since 2pm. He had a sincere smile on his face when he welcomed us. It was short drive going to our Bousavy Guesthouse.

The streets of Siem Reap

Adventure time! We headed for Tonle Sap Lake, which is around 30minutes from the city center. It was a scenic drive at first, 'til the clouds came.

Ny, heading for the storm.

Reminds me of the movie, Twister.

Image from Wikipedia

There were buses parked when we reached the lake. The boat tour was not part of the itinerary but I was willing to give it a try. How much? $18. $18!!!! Whoaaaaaa! Taga! Ayoko na. That’s just a steep price! I wasn’t too enthusiastic in doing the boat tour because:

1) I find the price too touristy high, 
2) I didn’t do enough research and;
3) the weather was scaring me.  *Imagines twister movie stuff* 

So I just took a picture

Looking at the sailing boat, it seemed that it just floated around; it didn't go close to where the locals live. We shrugged and walked away. Just took these scary pics of the place.

Next stop: the market. I know, it is just our first day in SR. But it would be good to check the prices of some items so that we would have our budget in order. I budgeted $10 a day in Cambodia (even though breakfast is free) so we figured we can eat cheaply and spend the rest for shopping. After 30 minutes of asking around, we walked out empty-handed, as planned.

I smell shopping trouble

A warning, the vendors there can be very pushy. We would timidly ask for the price, then they would give an exorbitant price, then almost half it immediately.

The standard tourist itinerary suggests watching an Apsara Show. Ny suggested the Amazing Angor place, where we paid $10. I think every guesthouse has a tie-up with another resto offering the show. But you can still say where you want to watch it.

Lovely lighting over here

The food selection is a lot, but I wasn’t wowed by any particular one. 

I liked their local ice cream.Pretty neat method of doing it.

The place was huge, and we were the first ones to arrive. People came in flocks and gobbled up the food. The population decreased when the show as just about to start. I guess they just came in to eat, eh?

Showtime! The whole production lasted one hour. There was this girl who can flip her had so far back. I tried flexing my hand for a long time in a trial yoga class and it hurt. This movement seems so natural to her. 

More far back

After the show, you can go up the stage and have your picture taken.
Tourists up there

They do not move

Because of the twister-like weather, Ny said there may be no sunrise. Good time to catch up on some sleep. Hope the twister-weather won’t push through tomorrow.

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