Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Ship Package from Rome to Philippines via LBC

I already paid extra baggage fees amounting to a painful €70 when I flew from Frankfurt-Hahn to Venice. I was lugging a heavier backpack everytime I left a city (I enjoy moderate shopping, okay?). I didn’t want to pay more fees when I fly to Paris, and when I fly home to back to Manila. I started researching how I can ship some things back home before I fly out of Rome.

My heavy baggage is also killing my back and shoulders. Although I was already using a wheeled luggage, it still takes effort to haul it off the trains. I still have to carry them sometimes.I found out that LBC has a branch in Rome.

LBC Rome Address:
Via Calatafimi 20, 00185 Rome, Italy

My box with "Europe" in it. HA.

The address is just a couple of blocks away from Termini station. It is just two blocks away from the hostel I was staying. How convenient. 

You can fill-out a delivery form online, or call their toll free number at 800-780-522. I opted to call informing them that I will be showing up and I had a package. The usual procedure consists of LBC bringing the box to the customer's place. The customer fills up the box for some time, and then LBC returns to pick up the box to ship it back to the Philippines. There are a LOT of Filipinos is Rome so I think that there is a lot of customers.

The cost of sea freight of one medium sized box is €40. Delivery time takes 6-8 weeks. In my case, I shipped the package during the first week of October and I got it around the third week of November. 

I sorted out the stuff I was sending back home in LBC's office. The staff was understanding enough that they let me scatter some things around while I decide if goes home, or it flies with me to Paris. The staff was all pinoy too.

The pasalubongs had to go. I'll just shop in Paris and Amsterdam so won't go home completely empty-handed. I also decided to ship back home 75% the clothes that I brought. I figured that it was hot all the time anyway - even though it was already the first week of October. I don't need the scarves and the jackets/sweaters.

In the end, I flew to Paris with 2 night shirts, some underwear, 3 dresses, 3 leggings and a pair of jeans. I also that the usual toiletries with me, of course. I ditched the umbrella and the raincoat too.  I figured that I will just shop in Paris if I need more clothes. Mwahahaha!

The box at home:
If you'll have Rome as your last stop, consider shipping off some items using LBC. You'll be waiting a couple of weeks to see the stash again but the rates are way better. You can shop all you want in Rome and them ship them back home. You have to bring your own packaging tape to seal the box. Good thing that there was a shop nearby that sells packaging tape.

I am not sure if there are other courier services that offers a cheaper rate. I checked DHL's shop and it costs 200 to ship a box to the Phlippines. So LBC was an easy and practical choice.

Note: this is not a paid advertisement. Just sharing my personal experience.


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