Friday, December 2, 2011

Circling Cologne Cathedral

The Dome is located amidst restaurant and shopping centers. Plenty of options where to spend my moolah. I’ve been keeping tabs on my spending in Amsterdam, that’s why I didn’t spend much. Hahaha. Time to swipe a bit now.

I know, Cologne is not the popular place to shop. But with all these shops around the Dome, I couldn't help it. 
Magpapicture kahit madaming tao. Turista!
If you are thinking of buying a Mercedes because it is an "elite status symbol", well, those are just taxis there. Super LOL on this.
Ang chedeng ay taxi.
I am a fan of boots. I dunno why, I just am.I wear boots 3-4 times a week (and that's during weekdays). Rain or shine. Summer or rainy season. Kahit commute. Pagtinginan man, Boots pa rin. ;)

In the Philippines, it is quite difficult to find a nice pair of boots. Designs are limited. I usually purchase a pair in online shops and wait for 6-8 weeks before I can finally get them. I am that patient. Thanks to this problem, I've mastered the ropes of online shopping. 
I bought 2 excellent pairs. I know Italy is know for its Italian leather shoes but they are quite pricey. I got a nice leather pair here for 80 (it was on 50% off). I think I stopped converting from EUR to PHP for a few hours. *now the overbaggage problem begins*

Most would think shopping in Europe is expensive. I disagree. They actually have regular priced items which I think is pretty reasonable. I bought clothes in the €15-20 range and they are quite good (tags say they are made somewhere else though). Most dresses in boutique stores in the Philippines are in the 1,200 to 2,000 range anyway. There is a difference in the fabric. I kid you not. Hindi lang "imported" mentality.

Shopping was enjoyable because 1) there was no limit to the number of items that you can fit in the fitting room. And 2) there are no salespeople following you around suggesting things that you should try event though they do not know your taste. You can really enjoy shopping.

Locks of love/ Love padlocks. Couples bring a padlock and lock them on this bridge across Rhine river. Most have the names of the couples and the date that they were there.

This whole side of the fence is filled with these padlocks.

Yummeh tuna pizza for dinner.

Reasonably-priced I believe.

My first two days was basically spent roaming around the city. I ditched the hop-on hop off bus thing because I figured I wouldn't like the pace. Wandering around also gave me time to get a feel of the place better.

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