Thursday, December 1, 2011

Around Amsterdam. Everywhere Else.

Some other spots and pictures in Amsterdam.

A gas station.
See that? We have cheaper gas prices.'s office. I immediately recognized the logo, of course.

Pick a spot where you can just sit and watch the bikers. I found the bikers amazing and amusing at the same time. People were dressed in very nice outfits but they were just biking their way to school/work. Cool!
Baby in the bike
Tram lines everywhere. Just stay off them when the tram is coming. But IMO, the bikers are more dangerous than the trams. Stay off the red bicycle lane.
Over the grass

Vondelpark offers a pleasant haven in the city.

Chill zone.

Other places with no pictures:
I also walked around the very posh shopping street called  P.C. Hoofdstraat. It is the most expensive shopping street in Amsterdam. Some designer brands that can be found in this street are Chanel, Gucci and LV. I wanted to take pics but the street was so calm and well “posh”. There were not tourists posing around having their pics taken. Parang ang jologs maglabas ng camera so I just walked through it. I have no appreciation for designer items anyway.

I also went to Amsterdam's Red Light District (RDL). It was surprising safe for a solo female traveler to walk around RDL. There were a lot of tourists who were looking/ogling at the scantily-clad females at the windows. No pictures allowed in RDL, unless you want to get into trouble.

Did I have a Marijuana Adventure? Nah.Why:
1) Again, it was my first time traveling alone. Add that I am not in my country.
2) Amsterdam was my first stop. I was still a bit shy and still learning the ropes of striking a conversation with strangers.
3) I didn't find any companion that would take me back to my hostel safely in case I get stoned.
4) I had a paranoia of getting stoned, then getting arrested, then being shipped back to the Philippines. Not taking that chance. 

According to our guide from the walking tour, Marijuana was not legal nor illegal. It is "tolerated" in Amsterdam. You cam get M from coffeeshops (not Starbucks and the like) in Amsterdam. Our guide said it was a mystery where all the M is coming from because there's only a certain number of M that residents can grow. So where do they come from?

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