Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cologne Takeway Thoughts & Tips

  • Some signs have no English translation. Some quick German lessons: Eingang = Entrance. Ausgang = Exit.
  • But I got away with this one.
  • Similar to Amsterdam, taking pictures of the menu is also discouraged.
  • If you buy Scholl stuff for your feet, they have a multitude of variants here –at cheaper prices too.  
  • For Sennheiser earphones, the PHP and EUR prices are almost the same.
  • While shopping, you can grab all the clothes you want and fit them all at the same time.
  • There are no nosy salespeople to follow you around. Quite the opposite in fact – you have to exert effort to find them.
  • When you purchase a pair of shoes, you can choose to leave behind the box.
  • Some shopping spots do not accept non-EU credit cards. Usually – these are the sale items located in another part of the store.
  • Decent food is quite affordable at € 15 a meal.
  • Germans gas up their own car. No gas boy attendants. 

In boots of course.

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