Friday, December 2, 2011

Rhine River Cruise

I have been away for a week but it felt like I've been traveling for a couple of weeks already. I've been seeing and learning something new everyday. My morning felt like one whole day, my afternoon another day, and my evening is another day. Time slowed down. I wanted to capture and absorb everything with all my senses. 

The sun was still shining brightly during my third day in Cologne.
While waiting for the train:
Am feelin' the boots. And there's still the purple camera bag.

Okay, so the other people in the background are dressed normally. I was in Germany during the end of September and I was expecting a cool weather since autumn was coming - so I didn't pack a "sunny outfit". Apparently, they were having an extended summer kinda weather. Sayang naman the outfit (scarf and long sleeves) kung hindi ko susuotin di ba. Anyway, it is more fun to wear them - and nicer for picture taking purposes.

The train map. *inhale, exhale*

The sun shone brightly during my whole stay in Cologne. A perfect day for my agenda: The Rhine River Cruise. Okay, so it is just really a boat ride and not a cruise as in the "cruise" with all the jazz. Initially, I had the Bacharach-Cologne cruise in mind but since I scrapped Bacharach, a one-hour ride around Cologne will suffice.
Some signs are not translated.
Picture taking around the river before the boat departs:
Medyo tagilid nga lang

 Posing with some students traveling. Hahahaha!
Naka-sleeves din naman sila kahit mainit

Time to board. Most people headed in the open balcony above. We grabbed our seats.
Come on people, smile!
Lots of ongoing construction.

You can still see the Dome from this angle.

They have these inverted L-shaped buildings. Kinda interesting to live on one of these.

The ride lasted for an hour or so. Similar to Amsterdam's Canal Cruise, there was a recorded audioguide during the boat ride. I didn't remember a lot of things (can't even remember some of the buildings) because I was busy taking pics. 

The rest of the day was spent in more picture taking and eating activities. 
Beauty pageant pose with Cologne Cathedral in the background.

I was glad to spend the day in a leisurely pace - not the jam-filled day wherein you have to hit 10 spots to maximize your time.

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