Friday, December 9, 2011

Inside The Walls of Siena

I rode the bus from Pontigossi which will bring me to Siena. I had a nice nap going there. I woke up feeling groggier than I felt that morning. Ugh. Getting sick in an ultimate dream vacation. Not good. Still, the positive kick came in and I mustered all my energy to get off the bus to explore the walled city of Siena.

I took a picture of the bus schedule going back to Florence. The ticket from Siena to Florence costs €7,10.

Siena is famous its walled city landscape -similar to San Gimignano. Time also stopped in this city.

You know the expression “the walls closing in on you”? It kinda felt like that. The beautiful walls were closing in on me.

The purple camera case made it to Siena

A street artist.

The special delicacy of Siena: Panforte.

The famous picturesque Piazza Del Campo. And someone decides to sunbathe. The city center is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.


I bought their tourist ticket pass for €10 which gave me access to Duomo di Siena, the Crypt and a museum (sorry, poor memory at that time).   

The ceiling inside the Crypt.

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful-wonderful-majestic-extraordinary churches in my Europe trip. In my opinion, Duomo di Siena is the best. Not a lot to admire outside, but wait 'til you get inside.

Look at those stripes.

My nape got stressed again from looking and admiring everything.

 I pleasantly welcomed the stress in my nape looking at these.

 The dome.

When you go to the bathroom, the faucet works with a pedal – no knobs in the sink.  

Siena's streets are usually filled with the usual flock of tourists and souvenir shops. Luckily, I found some quiet alleys. Nothing like a good peaceful walk to clear the head from everything that I saw.

I think I should’ve given Siena more chance to show its beauty. It is charming in the day, but I think the city is worth an overnight visit. I’d like to see it without all daytrippers and buy a gelato and eat while exploring its hilly streets. I energy was almost depleted and I surrendered to my weary body and headed back to Florence. As a proof of my deleted energy during my visit there, I took the least number of pics in Siena. I’ll just go back healthier with more moolah and time to spare.

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