Friday, December 2, 2011

Climbing Cologne Cathedral

Cologne is famous for its Cathedral – which is a Unesco World Heritage Site. The catherdral is locally called the “Dome” of Dom. The Dome withstood World War II bombings. During my planning stages, I was patterning my itinerary from Rick Steve’s best of three weeks and I wanted to spend time in Bacharach, aside from Cologne. However, I didn’t find any suitable accommodations which were available and within my budget on my preferred dates. 

I initially thought of skipping Germany and doing Spain instead but Spain is relatively far from my other target destinations.

The largest Gothic church in Northern Europe

It is quite hard to get a shot with the whole cathedral. I think you have to really lean backwards or lie all the way down to have your picture taken with the cathedral. Best effort na lang.

Naka-shopping na pero bumalik para mag-pa picture
The cathedral is continuously undergoing restoration.

I like the Dome's doors.
I am so tiny compared to that huge door (which is not used). Oh yeah, there's that purple camera bag again.
The Dome was the first major church I saw during my trip. When researching about my itinerary, I saw a lot of churches being one of the "must-see" places in a city. I have to admit I really didn't get it because we have churches here, I go to one every Sunday. So what's so special about all these churches anyway? When I saw the Dome, it wasn't just a huge Gothic church. There's a story here. It's amazing how it withstood the bombing during WWII days.
Interiors undergoing restoration.

You can also climb the cathedral for a minimal fee – around €3. Yes, you will pay to climb 500+ steps. You have to climb a long and winding staircase. Remember to pause and take a break. Just overtake people climbing or let others overtake you.

I climbed at another day. Hence the change in outfit.

I got quite dizzy climbing. The path wasn't really wide to accommodate more than 2 people at a time.Quite tiring but you just have to pause, take a breath, and keep on climbing.

Paused in the belfry. You can ring the bell for a euro. 

 The journey continues.A narrower staircase going to the top.

 I love the details.

A breathtaking view of the City and the Rhine River. I had to place the lens of my camera beyond the fence and those wires.
Cologne has a more "country" feel compared to Amsterdam. Ya, ya. I'm just in my second city and I am comparing already. Teeeeheee, super happy lang. :)

 People just have to write something, eh?

 Another (failed) attempt to take a full pic of the church.

Some warnings in climbing the tower.
  • There is no elevator. Nadah. Be prepared to climb up...then down.
  • Saw around 2 gals climbing with around one inch heeled shoes. I have no idea how far they got. Comfy footwear please.
  • The winding staircase is not recommended for claustrophobic people.

Oh, and don't forget to take a look at the Dome and the Rhine River at night. 

Amazing lights.

Anyway, another advantage of being in Cologne is visit some relatives (by affinity). So I had someone to take pictures of me for this leg. Yahooooo! Also, so that my parents would be somehow consoled that I will be around someone I know since it's my first solo trip.


  1. just to ring a bell is 56pesos hahaha...kurips...I'm drooling..can't wait for the Italy and France leg of your trip...baka magpalpitate ako bwahahaha

  2. Kurips here as well. I just took a pic. hahaha! Am working on the Italy leg. Thanks for dropping by :)


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