Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Flying from Rome Ciampino Airport; Paris, Here I Come

From Rome, most tours would pass by Milan, Nice or Switzerland before heading to Paris. I could have spent a night or two in Switzerland or Milan, but I felt that Paris would be an interesting city that I needed to spend a lot of time there. I decided that I would spend 5 nights in Paris – the longest time I stayed in any city.

I booked a 3:15pm flight with Easyjet which arrives in Paris Orly airport at 5:15 pm. The ticket cost me €60: €45 for the basic fare plus an extra luggage (20kg) for €15.

Easyjet operates in Rome’s Ciampino airport. Terravision offers shuttle services going to Ciampino airport. I already bought a one-way  ticket in their ticketing booth in front of Rome Termini for €6 (I think it is cheaper if you buy online) the day before my departure. However, I cannot find the ticket on the day I needed it. It was just one piece of paper. I guess it must have fallen off somewhere OR I included it in the box I shipped back to the Philippines. I resorted to buying another ticket – had to shell out another €6 for that.
Important note: When you purchase the ticket, you do not purchase a specific time slot of departure. You just purchase the ticket and you have to get the boarding pass to guarantee your seat. If you don’t have that boarding pass, you will not be allowed to board. I’ve seen passengers get bumped off because they did not exchange those tickets for a boarding pass.

The line

Ciampino airport was a small. There was only one counter open. I spent an hour queuing. Got my baggage in at 2:15 – one hour before my flight. I had time to grab a quick lunch at the airport’s cafeteria.
Long line at the check-in counter

Only one counter open

Sayin' goodbye to Rome. Sayin' goodbye to Italy.

Here comes the French signs.

I landed in Paris. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

I spent a lot of time figuring out how to go to Paris proper from Orly airport. There is the option of riding the Orlyval for a pricey €10.90 ride. After that, I had to find my way in the infamous Garu de Nord of Paris. I already had a handful of advice from my roommates about the pickpockets in Paris. I didn’t want any untoward incident to happen in the metro upon my arrival; So I booked the shuttle service offered by Easyjet for €18 -

The procedure:
  1. Book via the parisshuttle website. You will get an email confirmation
  2. Upon arrival, after getting your baggage, call the toll-free number provided in the email confirmation to inform that you have arrived.
  3. The operator will provide you with the exit number where you will wait for your service.
  4. Your service will pick you up and drive you to your accommodation – with other passengers.
I had less than 30 minutes of waiting time before my shuttle arrived. I was lucky because the family in the van waited for 3 hours at the airport – the driver said that there was an accident in the highway which caused the delay.

 I snapped a picture of the Eiffel Tower, the first time I saw it.

A cloudy day

First time to see and experience autumn. I was already charmed by Paris.

The driver dropped off the family first. I was dropped off in the Plug-Inn Hostel just before sundown.

I was craving some Pinoy meal so I ordered (a lot) from the Chinese restaurant near the hostel. RICE, mushrooms, broccoli and some pork, with Coke please.

I didn't explore the neighborhood that night. It was a cold night. I retired early. Paris will be waiting when I get up. 


  1. holding my breath for Paris...excited :D

  2. hi how come you did not take the train going to the airport in rome?i thought train would be faster?and regarding the boarding pass on the train how could i get it?

    1. I flew out of Ciampino airport and bus is the option. I can't recall if there is a train option. Probably you take the train if you fly from/to the internation airport (starts with letter F, can't recall now). For the trains, you just show the ticket print-out.

    2. Public transport is not a very good idea, when u need to go to the airport. There are few reasons for this. It's not comfortable, especially if u have a lot of bags. And u can miss your plane. When i was in Rome, i used taxi booking via


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