Friday, December 2, 2011


Time to do something fun! My aunt brought me to Phantasialand, an amusement park in Brühl, Germany. This is the only amusement park that I visited during my whole trip - wasn't really gunning for Disneyland in Paris. It was a scenic drive going to Brühl. Some leaves were already changing into their autumn colors.

Didn't see an English translation of this. Don't fret, the Germans are quite friendly translating this for tourists.

The giddy girl in me woke up as soon as we entered the park. After almost a week of museums and churches, it was good to have a not-so-serious destination.
Phantasialand has six (6) lands/themes: Berlin, Fantasy, Mexico, Chinatown, Mystery and Deep in Africa. It is crazy to hit all the sights in one day alone so we chose some attractions which looked really interesting - and very scary. Hey, I like the high scary rides!
Flying Fiesta. German version.

In their 4D theater.

Phantasialand offers different shows which lasts from 20 to 45 minutes. I wasn't able to take photos of the shows. A 30-minute ice skating show was kinda bitin when it was over.
With my camera case amidst the flowers
There is this ride called Talocan. Strapped in a seat, it goes up and down and flings you up and down. This is the crazy way to lose your sunglasses. I had my sunglasses in my head and I didn't think it would fly since the attendant did not tell me to remove it while he was checking the seatbelts. Oops. I remember the moment it flew out of my head. 
You are up.
Then you are down.
Bye bye sunglasses. I had to purchase a new cheapo pair for €5 (Php 300) to replace my Php 50 shades. Yikes. Lesson: do not underestimate the rides here. They mean business. they will freak you out.

There are mascots all over the place. I took a liking for this alligator (?) and had my picture taken. Then it whispered to me: "Kumusta ka ate?" Hahaha! Pinoy!
I got tanned in an amusement park
 It was freakin' hot but I didn't want to take my sweater-coat off because 1) I wanted to look good in pictures and 2) I am avoiding getting tanned this early in the trip.

Hey! What are you all lookin at?
Time to gobble some yummeh waffles. You can't really watch what you eat. I initially though of getting a plain sugar waffle but it would be a pity to forego the cream and berries.

The African zone

Me trying to smile after the best hair-raising, heart pounding roller coaster ride of all time: The Black Mamba.

 I ate fries everyday since I landed in Amsterdam. No calorie counting allowed.

The day ended with a whole new bunch of pictures in my memory card, two days worth of food in my tummy and tales to last a lifetime. 

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