Monday, December 5, 2011

My Stay In L' Imbarcadero, Venice

Finding a cheap accommodation in Venice is not easy.  Since I planned to stay in hostels, my budget per night is only €25-30.

However, Venice is one of those tourist-driven cities where the cost of the accommodation is staggering. In fact, the cost of my hostel in Venice is more expensive that my hostel in Paris (and I thought Paris is the most expensive city in my trip). There are options to stay in the mainland and just travel to the island via buses and trains but I believe that is a huge mistake. You have to stay in the island to really know Venice.

I found L’Imbarcadero (read that slowly then memorize) via Hostelbookes – one of my reference sites in planning my Europe Trip.I booked directly using the hostel's website.

There are interesting doors and doorknobs throughout Venice
This is their street.

The location of the place is pretty good and easy to reach from the train station. The hostel provided clear directions  - you just have to pay attention. In my case, I got lost because I had the wrong starting point in mind. I followed the directions starting from Piazalle Roma instead of the train station. Tsk. Their street is just across the water bus stop station Riva de Biasio. This is comforting for solo female travelers like me because I won’t have to worry about getting lost at night in Venice. No lock-out and curfew too – just respect other guest and be quiet after 11pm. 

L’Imbarcadero is female hostel so its design is quite girly. Somehow over the top girly but I find that quite amusing. There are no bunk beds so you don’t have to worry about moving too much and disturbing your bunkmate.

My bed with my stuff. They also have lockers. You can borrow your locks if you didn't bring your own.

Just beside then heater.

Venice has mosquitoes. Yes, mosquitoes are alive in this side of the world. Good thing that the hostel had this electronic- anti-mosquito device in the room.

One of my criteria in choosing a hostel is having hot water. The hostel has 3 showers  - two of those showers have toilets. During my first night, I showered in the toilet-less shower and waited for the hot water to come out – to no avail (probably a first-time fluke). In the following shower instances, hot water showed itself.Mind you, I still shower twice a day during my entire trip. I can’t help it.

While they have a wi-fi signal, it gets wonky sometimes when  I hangout in the room. They have a nice living room where you can hang out with other travelers.

Lots of guide books you can browse

Alex (owner of the hostel I believe) was very helpful in addressing my concerns. I had to print my museum tickets in Florence and he advised me how to get to the Tabachi shop where I could print my tickets. Printing cost me €0.20 per page. They also let me put some stuff in the fridge.

Breakfast is ample. There is a fun guessing game during breakfast. Is this milk? Juice? Jam? What flavor?

Here we go with cereals and bread again.

You just have to wash the dishes after. But that was no biggie. The sign made me laugh.

Overall, I had a nice and cozy stay in this hostel. At €40 a night, it is quite expensive but you’ll eventually forget about it.

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