Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Town Hopping in Cinque Terre

We had a deadline to be at the town of Vernazza by around 3pm so that we have time to roam around the town. At the onset of the tour, we were advised to be on time since we had to catch trains and boats which we do not have control over.

During the planning stage, I planned to stay in this town for a night and explore the mountains by myself. I could see how crowded with tourists the town can be.

I ordered a limone for €2 a pop. Our guide, Alex, advised that we should try their limones because the town grows their own lemons. One glass wasn’t enough. I had another one. The lemon flavour was so good that I didn’t bother to taste the other flavours. Perfect after being toasted in that trek.

Just like a Slurpee

We were given free time to roam around for about an hour. We had to meet at the stairs near the train platform because we had to catch a train going to the town of Monterosso.  


Monterosso was the most touristy town. We had the option of swimming in the beach. I didn’t really plan on swimming because errr... the beach wasn’t really that inviting. *Feelin’ much country pride*

Pass na lang

 We have beautiful beaches here in the Philippines. I'm trying to stop comparing here. 

Banol Beach, Coron, Palawan

Again, the group had free time to roam around. My fellow solo travelers wants to drink some wine and eat some cheese and I prefer to explore the town on foot and take pictures. I had to break away from the group. Quite difficult to do because I didn’t want to be snobbish or anything, but I wanted to do my own thing. After two weeks of solo travel, I was used in having my own pace.

The streets have all these paintings for sale

 Now I wouldn't be able to snap a shot of this if I was drinking wine. :P
Men in trunks

Had a very yummy snack of marocchino and pecan pie. I actually had two slices of that pie. All for €5.

Our meeting place was the docking station of the boat. The boat is scheduled to leave around 5pm. You have to be aboard, or you’ll be left behind.

Sailing off.

Part of that trail vanished. Wiped out by a typhoon, they said.

We are back in Manarola.

Aside from the five towns, Cinque Terre is also famous for Via Dell' Amore  or Road of Love locks. Similar to what I sawin Cologne, there are love padlocks in this path. The path connects the towns of Manarola and Riomaggiore. When the paths were connected, the youth would cross the towns because it only takes around 20 minutes to cross the path. Friendships and love eventually developed.

Lovers write on walls.

Padlocks all over the place.
Hello Kitty makes it to Cinque Terre

 Time to go home.

I had no seatmates on the way back so I had some peace and quiet alone time. I didn't feel like talking anyway. The day was too eventful. I felt like I crammed one nice place in one day.

Overall, I had a satisfied say with Walkabout tours of Florence. My guide was Alex (girl) was attentive to the needs of the solo travelers. On our way back, all the guides had a one-on-one talk with all the participants to check if how they can be of help to make their stay more enjoyable. I asked Alex where I can buy cheapo boots for around €40 because I saw some boots in Cologne that says they were made in Italy. She said they were probably not really made in Italy. Ahahaha. She advised where I can buy some leather stuff (which I already did) and some affordable places where I can eat.

But if I would go back to Cinque Terre again, I'll be DIY-ing my trip next time. I think these quaint and charming towns deserve an overnight attention. I'll bring a hat next time too.

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  1. we did enjoy walkabout tours...we took their 2 tours...both are different experiences. I fell for Tuscany because of this tour. Cinque Terre was quite tiring but worth it :)


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