Monday, December 5, 2011

Doge’s Palace, Campanile and Museo Correr

Beside the Byzantine St. Mark’s Basilica is the gothic palace called Palazzo Ducale or Doge’s Palace. The palace is linked to a prison by the Bridge of Sighs.

I didn’t book a ticket for this one. I spent around 30 minutes queuing to buy tickets. Not that bad considering that I was in line past 9am. I was more prepared for the sun this time. I splattered facial sunblock all over my face and I lathered sunblock in my arms. I got the Muve museum pass that will allow me to visit other museums in Venice – which cost me € 18.

Again, I am not a fan of artwork. What drew me to Doge’s Palace was was a palace. Save for the Coconut Palace that we have in the Philippines, I haven’t been into any palace. I was interested in looking at the structure and the room designs. 

Again, there is an ongoing construction/restoration.
Too bad you cannot take pictures inside the room. You can take pics in the lobby, but not in the rooms. All the chambers have magnificent ceilings. My strained my nape by just looking at them. Had to be careful not to bump into anyone while walking eyes fixated on the ceilings in the rooms. 

The lobby.

The palace was connected to the prison. Pictures were now allowed.

Self-portrait. Smiling doesn't seem appropriate for a shot in prison.

 View of the windows from outside.

I spent a good 2.5 hours looking at everything. It would have taken me longer if pictures were allowed.

With two naked men. Statues of naked men, that is.

It was already lunch time when I exited the Doge’s Palace. I saw that the line in St. Mark’s Bell Tower (Campanile di San Marco) was quite short so I decided to pay that a visit before lunch time. 

To climb to the top via the elevator, I had to shell out €8. It was a pricey elevator ride. I whipped out my camera during the ride.

Mirror on the elevator ceiling. Do the peace sign amidst strangers.
Is there a law that requires that the roofs be made out of a certain material and a certain color? The view is breathtaking.

They have the usual wires to keep people and objects from falling. It is an eyesore for picture taking purposes.

I had to stick out my lens through the wires to get fab pictures.

After going doing the Campanile, I walked further at the opposite end of the basilica and discovered that Museo Correr is there. It was a part of the integrated ticket that I bought. Actually, I just bought the pass because I thought it was a good deal but I had no intentions of really going to the other museums. Since this one was on my way, I went in. As usual, pictures were not allowed. It just took me an hour to breeze my the artworks and use their washroom. Much as I’d like to stay longer, my stomach was already growling and I had to heed to my appetite.

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  1. very nice :) I wish we had that "law" that required all the roofs to have the same color! Hehe. Looking forward to your food pics.


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