Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Two Nights In Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen

I used Hostelbookers to search for hostels in Amsterdam but booked through Stayokay’s website directly. The ratings are pretty high and there were plenty of good things mentioned in the comments. Stayokay has two other hostels in Amsterdam but I chose this one because of its “calm atmosphere”. There are plenty of other hostels but they are mostly party hostels  - which I didn’t want. I wasn’t really looking for a place to party and drink.

The downside: you have to immediately pay for the full amount. I paid €49 for my two-night stay, that includes breakfast already. I think you should cancel a full month before your arrival date so you can get the whole amount refunded. I took the risk of booking without a visa yet since I didn’t want to search for other hostels anymore.
Finding the hostel is quite easy (just don’t be afraid to ask so you won’t get lost). It is about 3 or 4 stops away from Amsterdam Centraal Station – perfect if you will be staying in the city for just a few nights.

Upon my arrival, I was asked for my booking. I think I also presented my passport. They gave me a key card. The key card gives me access to 1) the door in my floor and, 2) the door of my room. No one can just enter the floor. They have lockers where you can leave your things for a small fee (€2) while waiting for the check-in time (at 2pm).

Each bed has a number. I was quite lost in finding where the number was located. Good thing there were two nice Belgian girls chillin’ in the room so they helped me how things work.
Bad lighting because some of my roommates were sleeping already.
The lockers are located outside the room – quite inconvenient if you keep forgetting something you need in your luggage. Your locker number corresponds with your bed number. If someone else took your locker, you can report it to person at the frontdesk (I did) and the one occupying your locker should move her things within x hours else they will snip your lock. 
Also, you have to make your own bed. I can make my own bed. I was just slightly surprised that I have to do it while on vacation. My bed’s location was strategic because it was near the only outlet in the entire room.

Good thing I had a backpack. I have no idea how I would have carried a wheeled luggage up the stairs. My room was on the third floor. The third floor is located after a long high staircase.
The bathrooms were pretty decent too.
The mirror is placed quite high. Shorter people will have to tiptoe.

Shower stalls

My favourite in this hostel: buffet breakfast. 

No rice here. You can eat all the bread and cereals that will fit your tummy. Too bad you cannot heat the bread.


 Juice, coffee, milk and water.

 The breakfast room.

My breakfast... the first round. Hehehe. I bagged the apple as a snack. Patago syempre.

Made conversations with some of the girls here. I think I met around 3 Asian girls travelling on their own too. They’ve all visited the Philippines before and they had really nice things to say about our beaches in Cebu, Davao and Boracay. It is really heartwarming to hear wonderful things about your country.  

Overall. I had a nice and safe hostelling experience. The room was spacious and breakfast was plenty. It was pretty good for my first hostel.

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