Thursday, December 15, 2011

An Introduction To Autumn - Jardin du Luxembourg

Guided by a map, I walked to Jardin du Luxembourg or the Luxembourg Gardens. I’ve been using the map for less than a day and it seems like I’ve been using it for a week already – it was already tattered around the edges.

Jardin du Luxembourg is a public park – no entrance fees, yay!

I was doing self-portait shots when a lady jogger took pity of me. She stopped and offered to take my picture. And I thought that Parisians were snobs. But some are actually nice!

Kagalang-galang pose
Did I just really walk from the city going here? Felt like I’ve wandered in the outskirts of Paris by just walking.

Those autumn leaves are endearing. I took dozens of shots. Paris owned me.

Kinda surreal, enjoying all of these.

Is there a breed of trees that grows orange-red-brown leaves? I’ll plant them in my backyard so I’ll experience autumn all year round.

Put the camera on the bench. Set the timer. Do the peace sign.

The park is filled with dozens of statues to look at. I didn’t do my research well enough when I visited here. I should’ve looked for the Statue of Liberty - it was somewhere in the park. I’ll do that next time. Tip: When you go there, find it!

You can have your daily dose of people watching by just hanging out here. Perhaps that’s what the locals do.  Take a seat and watch people.

Welcome to my palace. Bwahahahaha!

Feeling prinsesa
Grand. I hope the family who lived here centuries ago appreciated the beauty of this place.

With the flag of France

For dinner, I met up with a fellow traveler who I’ve met in a previous trip inPalaui, Cagayan. From Palaui, to Paris!

Dinner was in Grands Boulevard. (I found the place without getting lost :P) Same with the menus in Italy, they offer set dinner with wine: a choice of appetizer, a choice of a main course and a choice of dessert + wine. 


Main course. Yummeh.

Glad to do some catching up with a fellow travel enthusiast - in Filipino. Nakaka-miss din mag-Tagalog. Antagal ko nang nag-e-English at sign language kaya naman masayang marining muli ang aking sariling wika.


After dinner, we roamed around the area to find Opera Garnier. Before finding the place, we noticed some people hanging out at the closed Mac shop.

That day, the world lost one if its greatest inventors – Steve Jobs. It reminded me of the Ipod that I lost.

I like the last message - "Making an outsider a good thing". And the real apples are a nice touch.

I am not a hard-core fan of Steve Jobs, but I really loved his "Be Hungry, Be Foolish" speech to a graduating class. Came across that some years ago.

We eventually found Opera Garnier. I had a tentative plan to watch something in Opera Garnier but I decided it wasn’t really my thing. I settled for a picture.

 Time to say goodnight. I have another Paris-filled day tomorrow! The first day was amazing!

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