Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunshine in Venice - Venice At Day

I had the first glimpse of Venice when I was in Macau way back in 2008. We explored the Venetian Macau – a hotel and casino resort.  Hahaha! Back then, going to the real Venice was still a dream with no plan.

Venetian Macau

The man-made scenery was nice and amusing. You could see that it was man-made but it was still picture worthy. There is a canal and you can ride a gondola (cheaper than the Venice price of course).
The gondola - Venetian Macau version

With the masks on the wall. Not so long ago. Instead of a purple camera case, it was a brown camera case that hung in my neck back then.
No idea how to pose

I watched The Tourist in 2010 (Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp) which was filmed in Venice . Europe 2011 was already a plan.
Fab in venice

Seems like everyone ride those boats in Venice.

After getting two hours worth of rest in my hostel, I wandered aimlessly around Venice. Well, I didn’t plan on being aimless. I borrowed a map from my hotel got my bearings. I noted where I should go home at night. Armed with a bottle of water and a map, I plotted out my path going to St. Mark’s Basilica or Basilica San Marco. It was already 3pm and the sun was burning me – I had to squint more often since I lost my shades in Germany.  
This is not a man-made scenery. There is actual sunlight.

I got as far as the second street on the map – then I found myself in a quiet street not in the map. No one around to help me find my way. I ditched the map and the aimless wandering began.

This may sound corny and it is a cliché thought: I felt my dream unfold in front of my own eyes. After all the crazy planning and preparations, the fantasy became a reality. I was in Venice. I was in Italy. I was in Europe. I had a flashback of my Macau trip and this, oh this, is incomparable.

You won’t wander aimless for a long time because there are signs everywhere. And almost every street can lead you to a main tourist spot.
These signs are everywhere. You won't get lost.

Good thing that my camera was fully charged. I couldn’t stop taking pictures. The camera won’t stop clicking. A photographer can spend hours finding interesting angles. I’m just not good a photographer so my pictures would not do the place any justice

The major streets are swarmed with people. Venice can be done as a daytrip so expect the crowds to be thick during the day. Add the scorching sun with lots of walking and you’ll feel the heat. More people means more chances that I could ask strangers to take my photos because I was traveling alone.

To combat that heat, there are gelato shops scattered everywhere. You have to eat two scoops of gelato everyday when you are in Italy. That is a rule. Two scoops would cost around €2. 

Nomnomnomnom while walking

Every street is different. Look closely. These are not just narrow alleys.

Look up at the windows. I wonder if the residents look down from their window and laugh at other people aimlessly walking in their streets.

The Rialto bridge:

Eventually, I found the very crowded St. Mark's Square. The crowd is part of it.
There's the purple camera bag again. The whole outfit was bought from my shopping escapade in Germany.

Shadow shots

The weather was cooperating.

The bluest sky in infinitely high and crystal clear.
I have no idea where the locals are and what they look like. Most people are also tourists. Which is good, since I can barter my way into a picture.
May nasingit nga lang

I am utterly charmed by Venice. I walked for a total of five hours with almost no break in between. I never though getting so lost and wandering aimless could be so much fun! I had a blast exploring every street, every doorknob and every window of Venice. 

The real deal
The day ended with two more scoops of ice cream and a dinner from a bakeshop (I can't recall the Italian translation). Initially, I planned to eat somewhere nice and a bit posh but I was too tired to find the restaurant. I settled for a lemon slushie and something like a spinach-cheese wrap. Total price: €6.00.

I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture before eating it. Buti may natira pa.

Back at the hostel, I quickly kicked off my boots and lay down with my aching legs vertical against the wall. My fellow roommates were doing the same thing. One of my roommates went around with heels! She said she was so used in them. I didn't expect to do so much walking so I deferred my plan to explore Venice at night. I headed off to dreamland.


  1. I feel like I'm with you walking along the streets of Venice. They usually say that Venice is a tourist trap..keber,kaya nga ako nandoon dahil turista ako hahahaha...Thank you for sharing your Europe adventures, I feel like I'm there with you...Hope I can pursue my Europe 2012 :) Here's to following our dreams...I'm so excited for your Paris post :)

  2. It may be a tourist trap but it is one of my fave cities. I would go again! Go go go and pursue Europe 2012. Cheers! I'll catch up with my Paris posts soon. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. if you dont mind how old were you when you went to europe in 2011?

  4. I was twenty-something. I am still twenty-something. :)


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