Thursday, December 1, 2011

Amsterdam: Museum Mania.

If you love artwork and museums, you will definitely have a ball in Amsterdam. The IAmsterdam card lists more than 30 museums that you can visit -  excluding The Anne Frank House. I just visited two:

I eventually found my way to Rijkmuseum after getting lost. Time to appreciate art.
I was able to snap this photo before a guard blocked my way and said “No photo, no photo”. Oh, okay then.  Since I can’t take any, and I didn’t want to be sneaky, I just browsed through the collections. 

The only piece that interested me was the one by Rembrandt - De Nachtwacht (The Night Watch). First of all, it was huge. There’s something about it that makes me wonder if it will move – or probably that is due to its size. Picture taken from here.

I was supposed to go to a couple of more museums but I lacked time (because I got lost). I rode the tram back to my hostel’s area and found the perfect place for an affordable dinner. Got this one with falafel for only €7,50.

The menu. Food was cheaper than I thought. I initially budgeted €20 per meal. You can actually get a very decent meal for half the price.

Van Gogh Museum
Of all the museums during my trip, this is the one that I enjoyed the most. Maybe it’s because Van Gogh is one of those artists that first entered my consciousness. I recall doing some pointillism homework for our art classes.

On my way to van Gogh. It is just a couple of steps away from Rijksmuseum (background).
Another shot with the red-and-white IAmsterdam sign.
As usual, no picture taking allowed. So I lifted some pics from the www. The actual paintings are better than these:

The Bedroom
Vase with 12 sunflower
Starry starry night. I rummaged through my bag to find my Ipod and play the song "Vincent". Cheesy but true.
Starry Night

Anne Frank's House. One museum I didn't get to visit because 1) I didn't book the ticket online, 2) the line was too long, 3) I lacked time.

I initially planned to visit  two other museums covered by the card: Rembrandt House and Stedelijk Museum. However, after my tour of Rijksmuseum, I realized that I am not very appreciative towards arts. I scrapped my initial itinerary and picked out an interesting location: Sloten Windmill.


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  2. Amsterdam is very amazing indeed. I like the city. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about holidays.


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