Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Roaming In Rome (Rome At Night)

Rome has a lot to offer. I have a lot to share. My posts are scattered. I don’t know if I should blog on based on the day, the type of attraction or place. Nevertheless, I enjoy back-blogging because it allows me to always reminisce about my Europe trip. 

Coming from the Vatican, I wanted to spend some time in the ruins before meeting up with a former colleague of my dad, who now works in Rome. Understandably, my parents need someone to check up on me, since I was traveling alone. Hahahaha. It would be good to converse in Filipino again. 

When I got back to Termini station, the exhaustion got me. I’ll just visit the rest of the Roman Ruins next time. I walked back to my hostel to rest for a bit. No roommates, so I had a peaceful hour of rest. I headed out to the Colosseum (our set meeting place).

 At day:

At Dusk:

Although the sun will only be up for two more hours, we set out to tour what was left of Rome. And boy, I realized that there are a  lot places that didn’t come up in my research, they were not a part of my itinerary for Rome.

Our first stop was Circo Massimo (metro stop is Circo Massimo) . We took the metro going there – but can also walk from the Colosseum. In the ancient days, this was used by the Romans for public games. Nowadays, people use this as a running track. 

Another version because I had a photographer.
With the ever present purple camera case
A few steps from Circo Massimo is Bocca della Verità – “The Mouth of Truth” or the ancient version of a lie detector. A brutal version of a life detector because if you tell a lie, the mouth will bite your hand off. Maybe we should have this one for senate hearings.

There was this park which was renovated. The white path is shining.

Pons Aemilius is the oldest stone bridge in rome. Oldest bridge yeah, but it is broken. It is now called Ponte Rotto (Broken Bridge).

I think the background is a hospital

We got hungry and decided to get some dinner. We ate at a restaurant located in the not-so main street. The usual bread was served as an appetizer. However, they don’t give out those small plates where you place your bread. Ilapag lang sa tablecloth. Yun na.

Fried Squash flower. 

The most delicious Tuna Pizza. I am glad I had a host for tonight. I got to eat a decent Italian meal. Meals in Rome cost as much as the other cities. The trick is finding the right Italian restaurant. One whole pizza costs around €7-9.

I was used to eating alone. Having company for dinner allows you to order more food, you can try out more dishes. Unlike to eating alone where I'd order a pizza and pasta and eat half of each because I can't finish them alone.

My own plate of spaghetti. Partnered with Sangria. Yum.
 More walking after dinner. I can't remember what this strip is called. 

Rome has a tram too. Not really a popular mode of transportation, I think. I didn't ride it the whole time I was there.

 Rome at night. 

And just when I had some companions who are willing to take pictures of me, my camera died. I had no spare batteries. Boooooooohoooooo. I wasn’t able to take a nice photo of the Roman Forum at night. I just used my crappy camphone. Oh well, another reason to go back to Rome.

I clocked in a total of 10 hours of walking that day - with rest periods of course. We rode the bus going back to my hostel, where my hosts dropped me off. I had a long day. But I still had to stay up the whole night to pack - I was leaving Rome the next day and heading for Paris.


  1. di ba nakakatakot ang rome?i'm in the planning stage of my euro trip

  2. It felt a lot like Manila actually. It is crowded, relatively dirtier than some other cities, but still all good. As long as you have street smarts, you'll survive Rome!

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  4. Interesting blog, it reminds me of Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome , affectionately nicknamed ‘The Wedding Cake’ by locals due to its appearance.
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