Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shopping and Hoarding in LA

I had phase of being addicted to online shopping. Multiply was still around back then. Checking Ebay was part of my daily routine. I filled-up balikbayan boxes with goodies such as shoes, lotion, perfume and accessories. It didn't make me broke, but it did fill up my room with trash. I learned how to give away a lot of my stuff over time. I'm more careful buying stuff just because they are on sale or they fit me. I changed.

LA challenged my changed self. There are a lot of shops.

Well, not in Rodeo Drive. I don't know if I can buy anything within my credit card limit there.
Jaguars parked under the heat. They are really used.

There's a weekend market near USA Hostels Hollywood. I checked it out and thankfully walked away empty handed. Bad idea to start the trip buying stuff. I have luggage limits.

A couple of blocks away from the hostel is Trader Joe's. This is very dangerous to your budget and extremely dangerous to your luggage limit. Trader Joe's became popular because of the Cookie Butter that once became a craze in Manila. They sell "artisanal", "organic" and *insert-swanky-sounding-adjective-here* products here. But I confess, I went here thrice and went out with goodies every single time.

Interesting meat section. "Uncured"

I bought pasalubongs from here. I bought my share of Cookie Butter. The girl at the counter commented that people who buy loads of those are usually headed to some tropical island. She was right. Told her I was from the Philippines. "There you go!", she said.

Cats cookies, anyone?

More of LA: Swanky Stuff

Another 8-hour flight from LIM and I was back to the land with stable Wifi. 
I had three more days to utilize in Los Angeles before I go home.

A friend from high school generously offered the spare room in their home in Norwalk. It would be good to spend some time with her again, and save some money too. I took a shuttle from LAX to Norwalk for $40. 

Family dog bubba. A huge cuddly dog they got at the shelter. 

Once settled in my room (for the next three days), I took inventory of myself. I needed to cut my nails, my hair needs conditioning, my lips were cracking and my heels were cracked. Ugh. Cracked heels. Disgusting. 

When I arrived, I had the feeling of wanting to rest coupled with restlessness. I didn’t want to go to any theme parks. No major activities for the day, just going around, shopping and eating unhealthy stuff. Typical American day, don’t you think? Zyra generously offered to drive me around. Our first stop was Citadel. 

Since it was the 4th of July, we had parking problems. We got lucky we found a spot in a open parking: $5. 

The strip is filled with brands that you are probably aware of. I suggest you take a photo of the maps and then conquer the place one store at a time. There were a lot of sales when we were there because it was the 4th of July. I had fun in Kate Spade (I'll take about that in another blog post). 

Likin the date trees

The plan for the night: watch the Phantom of the Opera. We got tickets at the Pantages Theater for $55. I got lucky that the group was performing in LA at that time. It tooka  while to find parking. And when we did, it cost $10

Capital Records near Pantages theater

Well, I did feel sleepy in some of the parts because of my very tiring journey from Uyuni to Los Angeles. Also, Phantom of the Opera is not the play that has an energetic fun ring to it (unlike Avenue Q or Legally Blonde).

Next day was shopping day. We started out late. #titasofManila mode in LA. 

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