Thursday, May 19, 2011

Biri Island – Getting there

Tucked away in Northen Samar is a paradise. I heard about Biri Island from a fellow traveller in my Palaui Trip last April 2010. I googled about the place – the pictures are jaw-dropping. This is in the Philippines??? I promptly added it in my travel bucket list. The pictures made me restless for weeks.

One year later, I landed in this secret paradise. Funny how FB can bring travel enthusiasts together to help one another cross out those places in your bucket list.

Biri Island is a municipality is Northern Samar. Information is quite scarce. This is the most detailed blog post I’ve seen and we basically patterned out itinerary here.

We landed in Catarman airport just before 8am. A bunch of trike drivers swarmed us. A friend of mine accompanied us to the jeepney terminal. The “standard fee” was Php 100 for the trike’s trip from airport to the jeepney terminal.

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