Saturday, February 7, 2015

Detox Adventure in Ananda Marga Cebu

Willpower is not enough to conquer your goal. 

You need a support system to achieve your goal. A healthy lifestyle requires determination, commitment and discipline. Among the three, discipline is the most challenging element. Discipline requires you to make the smarter choice in a set of bad options (like ordering in a restaurant, or eating at a birthday party).

At some point in your life, you’ll gain weight. (Read: when you age) Losing weight is a short/medium term goal. Getting healthy is a long term goal. As 2015 rolled in, I chose to kickstart this healthy living project by going on a detox. 

Research led me to local and foreign options. The Farm in San Benito is a popular choice but a week in it would cost me the same as three weeks in Europe. I'd rather spend the money in Europe. There are also mid-range options in Phuket. There's also Bahay Kalipay in Palawan, but I was a bit iffy with their bathroom arrangements. Fortunately, Ananda Marga Cebu came up in my research. I called the center to inquire about their prices. Pretty affordable compared to others.

Contact the center first before booking your plane tickets. Sometimes, they conduct trainings that lasts for weeks, so they cannot accommodate patients-students.

I booked my plane tickets and filed my leaves for this 7-day detox adventure. Yes, I allocated my precious leaves for this. They did have a 3-day cleanse but I thought that it was to short, parang hilaw na detox.

This blog entry is not meant to be a comprehensive guide. I just wanna share my 7-day detox adventure in Ananda Marga Wellness Center in Cebu. I am actually writing this with care, as I don’t want to spoil all the details of the program. It is best to try it out yourself.

5:00 am         Staff kirtan/meditation (not applicable for students)
6:00               Students wake-up
6:15                Warm-ups
6:30                Yoga postures with instructor   
7:15               Kirtan/meditation
8:00               Treatments/shower
9:15               Breakfast
10:30             Morning activity (cooking class/discussion/art/music)
11:00             Treatments or cardiovascular exercise
12:30 pm      Kirtan/meditation
1:15               Lunch
2:00              Personal time (I love thiiiiizzzz!!!!)
3:00              Afternoon activity (cooking class/discussion/art/music)                             
3:30              Treatments or cardiovascular exercise
5:00              Yoga postures
6:30              Kirtan/Meditation
7:15              Dinner
8:00              Evening Walk
8:30              Movie/relaxation/diary/reading
9:00              Night treatment (if applicable)
10:00             Lights off

Day 1 Saturday – Arrival
‘Twas my first time to commute to NAIA Terminal 4 or Manila Domestic airport. As I entered the airport, I wanted to take a photo. That’s when it struck me: I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOME. For the first time, I forgot to bring my camera during a trip. Mercury Retrograde is up in action. I had to use my phone to take photos.

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