Friday, November 8, 2013

Flying To The Home Of Air Asia

I was not enticed to go to Malaysia, specifically Kuala Lumpur. I’ve talked to people about their travel adventures in KL. The general consensus: MEH, but there are some interesting tidbits. I wasn’t even enticed to buy a round trip ticket even during those glorious Piso fare days when the fuel surcharge was way lower.

What made me change my mind: Beth, one of my best friends (BFF 1), moved there for work. Given a Piso-fare opportunity, I booked a roundtrip ticket with Cebupacific for Php 3,755.61. Sarah (BFF 2) booked her ticket as well. Sara (BFF 3) just gave birth two weeks before so we brought her hugs to Beth.Tickets were bought in February. Travel date was in October. Lots of time to save up for the trip.

The very famous Petronas Towers. The standard tourist view shot.

The Itinerary and Budget        

I am the self-appointed itinerary-and-budget manager for travel. I had some difficulty crafting this itinerary because the interesting places in Malaysia are far from KL. Just like how the interesting places in the Philippines are far from Manila. 

Legoland is part of the plan. If Lego made your childhood somewhat happy, include it. Otherwise, the place will just be MEH.

We skipped Batu Caves and Genting Highlands. I’ve read mixed reviews for both. My takeaway is that it is something to do, something different, something to take a photo at, but it is something you do, if you have no idea what else to do. The focus of this trip is bonding with by BFFs, and we can have loads of fun without going to these places. *shrugs*           
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