Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Disliked Angle Of The Liked Photos

I post a photo. 
I change my profile picture. 
I change my cover photo.
I upload an album. 
I get 3 million likes over 3 days. 
Everybody comments: “Lucky you!”, “Ikaw na ang mayaman!”, or “Amazing photo”.

The photo captures a single moment. There are other not-so-happy moments around that shot. These are the ones that do not get posted in my timeline.

Trip Planning & Preparation

Budget & Research
Every trip begins with an excel file. For the past 5 years, I committed 30% of my net income to my travel fund. In some months, I allot even 40% of my net income. Bonus? I dump 80% of that to my travel fund. It takes months of continuous saving before I get somewhere and take a photo that you can all like.

Not glamorous at all.

There's this popular travel-expert advice: "When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money". I don’t follow that. Nyahahaha. I am somewhat neurotic when it comes to packing. I’ve learned how to let go of bring my swimsuit, but I still tend to pack an extra dress or leggings, just in case “I would feel like I’d like to wear something else”. More choices, more luggage.

Airport Woes
I live in Quezon City. I have to go all the way to Pasay to go to the airport. Imagine my suffering when I have a flight at 6:00am. There’s the travel tax line, the immigration worry, the inspection points and all the other hassles.Granted, there’s still some excitement in having your passport stamped. But the giddiness is fleeting. The airport nowadays is something that I tolerate. Like the MRT.

Flying on a budget means flying coach. The good thing about being Asian: we are small enough to tolerate the space of a coach seat. I pity some Caucasians flying in coach when I notice their knees banging the seat in front of them. You’ll have crying babies or noisy seatmates when you want to sleep. You’ll have some stinky cute dude beside you. Things that you can’t control but you’ll just have to tolerate. You’ll get a crick in your neck after flying for 5 hours. You’ll be tired before you even reach your destination. 

The pre-travel photo worthy ones: visa approval and airport check-in. The rest? Boring and forgettable. Not profile-picture worthy.

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