Sunday, September 21, 2014

Feeding Frenzy In Bacolod

Cows have four intestines, at least. All of that to convert the grass into milk. 

A cow's digestive system

You’ll envy a cow when you go to Bacolod.
Our intestines are not enough to handle all the gastronomic options in Bacolod.
Prepare to commit one of the seven deadly sins in Bacolod: Gluttony.

Our lunch in El Ideal Bakery in Silay proves that good food does not need to be pretentious or expensive. Food here is simple, far from being “artisanal”, but the flock of customers in the shop is consistent.

I think the local longanisa meal is around Php 120. Then Sarah and I shared two slices of pie and fresh lumpia, one of their bestsellers too. I shelled out Php 176.00 for my lunch. Affordable and delicious food. I guess that’s the advantage of eating in the province; you’ll get really good food at reasonable prices. Unlike in Metro Manila, where you’ll have to pay moolah for a so-so food. I wouldn’t mind retiring in the province someday.

I am a sucker for buko pie. Their buko pie is so delicious. I took a bite before taking a shot. Their Guapple pie is also yummy, but my vote goes to their apple pie. I didn’t buy one whole pie because I didn’t want to carry a box all the way home. :P

A bite before the photo
Chicken Inasal a dish that originated in Bacolod. We found three options but we went with the suggestion ng bayan: Aida’s Manokan. Aida’s Manokan is located in Manokan Country, a strip eateries in FM Ferrero St., near SM Bacolod.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Ruins and Ancestral Houses in Silay, Bacolod

Saturday started off with a morning buffet breakfast at O Hotel. Good enough. It was too much to expect for bacon. 

We confirmed our research with the receptionists before conquering the humid and gloomy weather. 

We boarded a jeep bound for “Bata” and got off the Pepsi Plant – paid Php 7.50. The tourist price for the trike to The Ruins is Php 50.00. The real fee for locals is Php 20.00. If you have a local, swerte mo, or you can assert your right (it may or may not work). Ah well, what is new about this touristy places? It is kinda tiring to expect for a fair price all the time. 
The ride is smooth, the bumpy ride is just a couple of meters. Fun to ride in a trike with all the sugar canes around you.

The Ruins is located in Talisay. This is a good hour away from the city center. The Ruins is dubbed as the Taj Mahal of the Philippines, not because of its looks, but because of its history. The house was built by a sugar baron for his wife. I'll let the tour guides tell the rest of the tale. 
Sarah being chased by the fishies

The entrance to The Ruins cost Php 80.00. We asked our trike to wait for us – although the locals inside this is not necessary, there are trikes waiting outside all the time. They hold the tours every time there’s a bunch of visitors. I think it is regular, but the time is indefinite. We waited for a while for this because the guides took a break.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Bacolod: Budget, Itinerary and Accommodation

I am running out of places to travel here in the Philippines. I know we have 7,107 islands and 81 provinces. As beautiful as my country is, it is not my goal to set every foot in every province in this country. It would be nice to do so, but that’s just not my plan now.

March 2014. The day after my return from my Batanes trip, I realized I had few planned trips in the Philippines this year. I already conquered my Batanes, my super target destination in the Philippines. I had a planned trip to Romblon but after Philippine destination in sight. I checked PAL’s website and there was an ongoing seatsale. 

I booked a trip to Bacolod. 

I had no concrete plans what to do at that time. I know there’s great food in Bacolod, but I don’t travel to try out food. So maybe I’ll try something else.Or just experience something different, although it is not something else.

My foodie Amiga Sarah is joining me this trip! Hoorah!
See, I like eating. But I don’t love love love FOOD. So it is good to have a foodie person in this trip.  


Plane ticket via PAL
DAY 0 - September 12, 2014. Friday. Fly from Manil to Bacolod

MRT Ticket to Taft

Bus from MRT Taft to T3

Ya Kun Kaya

Water at airport

Shuttle from Airport to O Hotel

O Hotel Payment

DAY 1 - September 13, 2014. Saturday. Talisay City Heritage Houses. The Ruins 

Trike to pepsi plant

Trike to Ruins

Ruins entrance

Trike back

Jeep to Silay

Balay Negrense entrance fee

El Ideal lunch

Pink House entrance fee

Bus to Bacolod

Jeep to Bacolod

Medicine (for sore throat)

Jeepney to Calea

Calea - coffee and cake

7-11 stuff

Jeep back to O Hotel
DAY 2 - August 22, 2014. Friday. Morning Eating. Shopping day 

Jeep to Calea

Calea - TY Sarah

Jeep back to O Hotel

Bong Bong's pasalubong loot

Jeep to Cafe Bob's

Cafe Bob's lunch

Calea - TY Sarah

Taxi Back to O Hotel

Shuttle to Airport (arranged by hotel)

Bacolod Airport fee

Kuppa at the airport

Piatos at the airport

19:15 H Depart Bacolod (delayed flight)

21:00H Arrive Manila

Cab to MRT station

Jeep to MRT Taft

MRT ticket – Taft to North Ave.

Jeep -  Mindanao Ave


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