Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hong Kong Travel Tips - Family Edition

A compilation of tips when traveling with your family:

During Travel

  • Beware of souvenir shots. These things costs HKD 100. My dad loves them, so he is willing to spend, even though the souvenir photo would buy us a KFC bucket meal. If you don’t want to buy this, don’t smile at the camera. Hehehehe. 

We got this for HKD 100 even though there's a photobummer at the back.

Someone will take your photo, whether you like it or not.

  • Taking family photos are still challenging. Tripods will still help you take photos. 
Mickey ears pose

Friday, May 17, 2013

Hongkong Family Edition: Planning and Preparation

Hong Kong. Take three. 

The first time I was in Hongkong, I was 9 or 10 years old, with my family. There were four of us back then. There was no Disneyland, no MTR and no digicams. My dad filmed our activities using an old camcorder  - then converted/saved/how do you call it? To Betamax.

The second time was with my officemates in 2008. The trip was partially subsidized but we still had to shell out a huge chunk of cash for the trip. 95% of my mid-year bonus went in this tri (the 5% went to Starbucks splurge and some savings).

2008 HK Disneyland. Pounds and years ago. I wore a jumper for maximum childhood feeling effect.

The third time was with my family.


Set your target destination. Where? The destination is important. There are lots of possible destinations but you have settle where you want to go. Will the place require you periods of long walking? Gauge if your family members can handle physically challenging activities. 

Set your target dates. When? Do you have siblings still studying? Or working overseas? Would summer, sembreak or the holidays work out for everyone? This will let you know which seat sales are worth participating in. 
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