Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Applying for a US Visa in the Philippines

I grew up watching the shows on Studio 23. 


I like Shannen Doherty as Prue Halliwell

Gilmore Girls.

I cried when the series ended. Gilmore Girls was a part of my growing-up life.
Seventh Heaven

My Holy-Week series marathon.

Dawson's Creek

Because of Joshua Jackson. I like Charlie Conway.

There's also CSI, Party of Five and bunch of other TV series that ate up hours of my youth. Watching TV was not the wisest thing to do. I lost a lot of hours of my youth and gained pounds. But hey, I was young and I didn't realize how precious time was. I know better now.

Watching all of these series did not give me a burning desire to fly to the US.*Shrugs*
I do not have relatives over there.  
Hongkong has Disneyland, so that scratched my Disneyland itch. 
And really, with all the Hollywood movies, I felt like I've been to the US already. 

But of course, I will still visit the US given a chance. I had to make that chance. Despite not having a solid plan, I applied for a US tourist visa anyway.

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