Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bangkok Streets: Where the Food Is Good

Bangkok food is known to be spicy. I wasn't exactly jumping with excitement to try out Thai cuisine. I am someone who dies with spice. If my mom cooks something spicy, I cook something else - fried egg will do. Occasionally, I can tolerate Century Tuna's Hot and Spicy, in hot rice. Generally, I stay away from anything with a tinge of spice. Pass the salt please. 

I budgeted BHT 400 a day for our Bangkok leg. Bet you are screaming now that it is too high. I KNOW NOW!!! I was planning on scrimping breakfast and lunch and splurging on dinner. But turns out that we enjoyed exploring the BKK's streetfoods, we didn't need to eat in a posh-ness-y place every night.  

"Inihaw na saging"

These food carts put up their goods late in the afternoon, in the streets around Patpong.

The camera pokes its way in the food:

Take a picture before you take a bite. This filling dinner just costs 45 BHT.

BKK is also flooded with these hmmmm, "beverage stands". Reminds me of Zagu and the like. The prices are actually pretty reasonable. I like their coffee and Ovaltine shakes. Ovaltine is my childhood drink.

We were lucky that our hostel is near a food market. We had our breakfast here everyday. Seemed like everyone who ate here was a local. Or probably, lots of Pinoys too - we look a lot like Thais: "Same same".

Guaranteed authentic Thai food. Cheap and yummy. We got by pointing at the food, then showing our money. The vendor would point back at the correct bill. We just trusted the locals to give us the correct change. 

No English translation = Authentic

This food stall is my fave. Their "bagoong rice" is quite spicy for me but man, they really cook those breaded eggplants really well.

Another stand selling those shakes.

This is the usual breakfast combo. The rice plate costs BHT 50-60. The drink costs around BHT 20-30.

Sarah's drink is the iced milk team. Mine, coffee of course.

Another breakfast plate: Java rice, meat, greens and those yummy garlic chips!

On the streets of Patpong again. We tried this Chrysanthemum drink, which smelled like it. Most street stalls have this "flavors set" which contains crushed nuts, sugar, and chili (green container below).
BHT 50 fot this flavorful bowl of noodles

Dahil mura, pwedeng pwede maging matakaw.

Pad thai with egg. This is the not spicy version.

On a rainy night ,when we didn't want to eat in the streets, we took a chance with this restaurant near Patpong (again). First time to spend on a meal more that BHT 100.

Red snappers were being grilled outside the restaurant

Their specialty is this grilled snapper. The set comes with an assortment of greens and noodles, which our refillable.

Looks like lot for two.

I particularly liked the store manager. He advised us what to order, and how to eat it. 
"We are famous for the snapper meal set" yadayada...He also guided us how to eat it. 

"You put the fish like this"

Remind me of my Korean Barbeque experience. You fold the fish in, and eat the thing with your hands.

Before we knew it, the fish was gone. The meal cost BHT 360 for both of us - including those iced milk tea drinks.

Something not in the streets: Meiji yogurt drink. Too bad I didn't see these babies in Japan.

Had a dose of this bottle thing every night.

Good food can be found in the streets. We were able to stomach the street food, no funny tummy episodes. If you'll eat really cheap, no drinks for example, you can survive with BHT 120-150 on food, per day. We just spent the leftover money shopping for stuff.


  1. Na-miss ko ang street food sa Bangkok! At syempre pa, ang favorite kong Cha Yen hehe sobrang mura talaga ng food. :D

  2. @Mustachio: They are. I just got hungry again after seeing this post.
    @Kat: Amazing no? How cheap and yummy the food can be. Easy to pig out all the time.

  3. HANSARAPPPPPP!!! Nakakagutom, ano ba yan!


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