Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guesthouse Review: Bou Savy Guest House

This was an easy choice. There are lots of budget accommodations in Siem Reap, but Bou Savy Guesthouse is so popular among tourists. It has excellent reviews in Tripadvisor and all the bloggers are very satisfied with their stay here. 

The deciding factorssss?
  • They also have a comprehensive website
  • The owner, Bovorn, answers my emails promptly. 
  • They offer free pick up from the bus station. 
  • Hot water, aircon, free wifi, free drinking water, free breakfast 
  • Swak sa budget.
The decision was easy.

The streets of Siem Reap

Our smiling tuktuk driver, Ny, picked us up at the bus station. It was a hot ride going to the guesthouse. When we arrived, we were served with our yummy welcome drinks and cold towel. We underestimated the power of the cold towel. It wiped away all the stress and heat from our travel from Pnohm Pehn. Wasn’t able to take any pics.

We trekked up to our room in the third floor while Ny carried our luggage. I booked their $16 twin room. It is HUGE! Two normal-sized people can actually fit one bed, basta hindi malikot. Compare this to our $17 room in HoChi Minh and $15 room in Pnohm Pehn, this deal is a steal!

Notice the details in the bed sash thingie

It is so comforting to be greeted by this room after a hot trip. The ambiance is more than a guesthouse, it can be at par with hotels. Basta magandaaaa! The aircon cools quickly. The room has a dresser, TV and fridge (you will appreciate all the cooling equipment in Siem Reap).

With towels too

The bathroom is also spacious. Hot water is plenty. I can't help but compare if you could get a room of this quality in the Philippines for only $16 = approximately Php 680+ .

Black and white tiles

With bidet

There are more than 10 breakfast options – Western and Asian choices are offered. Their breakfast noodles are quite good (but that’s not my order, haha). 

This also includes some bananas which are not in the picture

Their restaurant offers meals at reasonable prices, I think. Of course, you can get these cheaper outside.

The resto

We got a 10% discount and free dinner during our stay. Yahoooo! 
They charge a 3% fee if you use your credit card. You can only charge the room and food charges.

For the tours, you'll have to pay in cash. Their standard rates:
Half day tuktuk rental for Tonle Sap Lake and around town - $4
Angkor Wat Tour - small circuit - $12
Angkor Wat Tour - big circuit - $20
Angkor Wat Guide - $25 per day

The tuktuk carries complimentary COLD water during your tours.

The guesthouse was constructing another building during our stay. I guess business is good! The only drawback I experienced here is they have wonky wifi in the third floor rooms. Had to hang-out at the third floor lobby to check my emails. Other than that, Bou Savy is perfect in every way.


  1. Thank you, Bou Savy! Love, love, love!

  2. wow! thank you very much for your review! I am going to stay there for my trip in March!! :D

  3. Lasting impression – A historical home remodel by Anne Adams and Stuart Silk

    "The style has evolved into what they call a Federal farmhouse look." said architects Anne Adams and Stuart Silk of the featured house’s renovation project, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.
    "While simplified from the original European architecture, the design is still notable for its substantial and well-crafted detailing," stated Silk. "The symmetry of the gables, the robust square columns and pilasters, and the detailing of the eaves and cornices are all representative of American domestic architecture of the 19th century."
    "Moldings, casings, windows and stair railings are also consistent with the era. However, the white oak floorboards have been stained and will provide their own patina over time. The floorboards are laid in random widths, which helps reinforce the aged look." added Silk.


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