Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Exploring Everything Else In Seoul

Here are some bits and pieces, odds and ends, of our days in Seoul.

We trotted across the Gyeongbokgung Palace to Gwanghwamun Square - had to Google that to double check the spelling - both names are a mouthful.

Tulips! I think it was my first time to see  real tulips planted on the ground. Hello Spring!

At the museum of the King Sejong who invented the Korean Calligraphy.

The museum deign is interesting. It is more than just plastering artwork all over the place. I wish I'd see more museums like that. More than just having a place where the glory of one person/event is glorified. The museum has "class".

The Korean Calligraphy looks so ... graceful. 

It was past 12nn and our tummies were growling. We found our way to...KFC. I noticed that they posted the number of calories of each meal. Interesting. Is it a law or something? Also, they don't have any gravy for their chicken.
Repleted with food from KFC, we proceeded with our walking tour. We walked going to Cheonggyecheon River. Cool waterfalls in the city center.

Feel ko mag-pose eh.

We managed our way going to Insadong - by just walking. The streets are lined with shops selling everything - folk crafts and the popular Korean make-up brands. You cannot get past Insandong without spending anything. The Korean make-up brands cost a fraction of its cost here.

Uniquely shaped fish crackers. The street is also filled with lots of yummeh Korean treats. We tried the street ice cream for 3,000 won for two scoops - strawberry and something. It was sweet and flavorful. You'll have to drink water after to wash away the sweetness.

You can shop for souvenirs here. I got 10 pieces of nail clippers for 9,000 won. Cute and useful.

The mall with no escalators. Just inclined pathways.

The street is picturesque even with bare trees.

We had a host for one night who took us out to an authentic Korean Barbeque restaurant for dinner. It was my first time eating Korean Beef. It was a somewhat messy eating experience but it was fun! And yummy! I avoided some side dishes because I am not a fan of spicy food.

After that hearty dinner, we went to Yeouido Park to view the blooming cherry blossoms. I like how the Korean calligraphy looks in the neon lights.

Cherry blossoms at night. Lots of people were taking shots.

There were street food all over but I was still full from eating all that Korean BBQ.

Walking along the Han River, we noticed that there were exercise machines in the park. You can use them for free! Of course, you'll have to withstand the cold weather whatever weather. 

People hanging out.

Our really nice host took us again to another authentic Korean restaurant for dinner during another night. The place is located in the back streets of a district a car's ride away from Myeongdong (didn't get the chance to ask where exactly it was). We were the only foreginers in the resto. We took our shoes off and sat on the floor, cushioned by a pillow. My legs and butt fell asleep from time to time so I was fidgety the entire time.

We were served with a pot of broth were chicken was boiled - like nilaga. You mix the tomato paste and all the other spices in a separate bowl to make a sauce. You eat the cooked chicken with the sauce.

Noodles are also cooked in the same broth.

Seoul brings back lots of happy memories. Although we spent five full days in the city, there's still a lot to explore. I'm definitely going back to Seoul!

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